What Does a Business Coach Do?

by Howard Shore, Date: Nov 12, 2020

What Does a Business Coach Do?

A Business Coach Helps Your Business Write Its Story

Over the years, I have found it most helpful to describe executive and business coaching as helping to write a story. Both executive and business coaching are similar in some ways, but drastically different in others. The differences start with the story. An executive coach works with individuals to help them write their personal stories. A business coach works with management teams to facilitate the business in writing their company story.

The key to understanding business coaching is to realize that any company’s story is theirs to write. As a business coach, I don’t come into a new situation with a storyboard already in place. I don’t come in having already written the introduction, the cast of characters, and how I want the story to come out. I come in with a book of blank pages.

Furthermore, I don’t even fill in the pages. I hand off the empty book to the client. The client’s leaders and team members work together to write the pages.

The role of a business coach is to introduce processes, tools, and concepts that facilitate the team and organizational growth necessary to write a good story.

Practicals of Business Coaching

The illustration of helping to write a story works well enough to introduce business coaching. However – if you’re like most people, you want to know the practicals and the results of a business coach. You want to know exactly how business coaching works and what it brings to the table.

The primary goal of business coaching is to create a shift in view that allows management teams to do a number of things that will ultimately facilitate the company reaching its desired goals.

A business coach helps organizations to:

  • Develop more effective strategies
  • Make better ‘people’ decisions
  • Increase organizational focus
  • Strengthen company culture
  • Increase individual and team accountability
  • Better align the entire organization

What Makes a Good Business Coach?

A good business coach doesn’t tell leaders and team members how to get from point A to point B. A good business coach doesn’t come up with a client’s strategies or decide what’s good and bad about company culture. Rather, the business coach works with clients to help them discover those things on their own.

A good business coach always does two things:

  1. Coaches to the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its operations.
  2. Coaches to help management uncover and resolve issues.

Coaching to Strengths and Weaknesses

Earlier I mentioned the concept of creating a shift in view. That’s what discovery is all about. Business coaching is all about working with management teams through a process of discovering strengths and weaknesses in relation to how the company operates. It is also a process of discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the company as a whole.

Once those strengths and weaknesses are revealed, we can begin working together to use both to the advantage of the company. As a business coach, I help facilitate writing the company story through the processes, tools, and concepts I bring to the table. Remember, I don’t write the business story myself. I put the tools in the hands of team members and let them do all the writing.

In terms of strengths, I help management teams discover how to maximize them across the board. I help them figure out ways to make sure those strengths are aligned toward reaching the company’s goals. As far as weaknesses go, my job is to help leaders figure out how to identify and address them so that they can be either eliminated or minimized.

Coaching to strengths and weaknesses helps businesses understand where they are now and where they are headed in the future. This gives leaders an opportunity to set a new direction for the future, if need be, or realign the company to a future they have always known is there but have failed to pursue.

Coaching to Resolve Issues

Another thing a good business coach does is is help management teams uncover and resolve issues. Let’s face it, every business has those nagging issues that get in the way of writing a successful story. It’s not enough to keep them hidden in the closet where they can’t be seen. They have to be brought out into the open and dealt with.

The business coach is all business when it comes to identifying issues in need of resolution. Again, the coach’s job is not to pull those issues out of the closet and force management teams to look at them. Rather, the business coach find ways to lead team members to the door, encourage them to open the door, and then help them deal with what they find inside.

All of this is done without bias. Why is this important? Because bias is often what prevents companies from recognizing and resolving troubling issues. Management teams have a natural tendency to see things a certain way, thereby limiting their ability to easily recognize some of the most deeply rooted issues that are preventing the company from moving forward. A good business coach helps by bringing that shift of view into play.

No business coach can resolve client issues. Resolution is up to company leaders and team members. However, coaches can help facilitate management teams to discover and honestly look at issues so they can be effectively resolved.

Are You Ready to Write Your Story?

You now know what a business coach does. You now understand that my job as a business coach is to help your company write its story by making the necessary shifts to align your organization with the future it knows and deserves. This brings us to the all-important question: are you ready to write your business story? Is your company ready to take the blank pages of the here and now and write a masterpiece for the future?

As your business coach, I want to see your story turn out with exactly the ending you are hoping for. I want to equip your organization to write the introduction, develop a cast of characters, fill-in the entire storyline, and bring it to the kind of conclusion that aligns with your company’s goals. All we have to do to get started is decide whether or not we are a good fit.

FREE Consultation

If you and your company are ready to write a new story, let’s talk. I offer a free consultation to all potential clients before we get started. Call now to schedule your Appointment 305-722-7213. If you determine we are a good fit, then we can begin working on your story as soon as you’re ready. If we’re not a good fit, we go our separate ways with no harm done.

So what do you say? There are blank pages waiting to be written on.