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Bringing Howard into my company was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Howard recognized the potential in my executive team and in 1 year has transformed it into a well-oiled machine. I have seen tremendous growth from the members of my executive team. I attribute this growth to the personal coaching sessions and the time Howard spends with the members of my team. During the coaching sessions, he holds us accountable for our commitments and goals. He offers help and advice on meeting those commitments and goals. He makes sure we don’t back down from those commitments and goals when we feel overwhelmed and lovingly helps us find solutions to get us back on track.

Our annual and quarterly planning meetings are magical. Howard can help us find and identify the items we need to work on, that will impact our business the most. He does this with insightful questions and comments. Once those items are identified, his brilliance in strategy and execution helps us identify a simple execution plan and measurements to keep us laser-focused on the plan.

Thank you, Howard!! Running my business is fun again!

Russ PalmerCEO, Titan Restoration of Arizona

For over two years, our Executive Team has had the opportunity to work with Howard on a variety of business processes and proven systems designed to help our firm accelerate growth and scale-up. With Howard’s support, our Leadership Team has begun to implement a variety of crucial elements that have raised our Agency’s capacity for accountability, strategic thinking, and planning. We started to incorporate the Business Acceleration System™ to hone our business in the areas that we must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. I would highly recommend the services of Howard Shore for any organization that is looking to improve their operation through disciplined Executive and Sales coaching while learning about your Team and yourself, every step of the way!

Isaac SapoznikChief Performance Officer at Sapoznik Insurance

Activate Group, Inc. has been instrumental in helping our company. By using the tools such as Topgrading, we have hired key employees that have helped our company to turn around in growth mode. Through assessments and budgets created around our Gazelles one-page plan, we now have a true blueprint for success.

Desmond FallaCEO, DRT International

Jim BevellCEO Treatment Solutions Network

I am truly impressed with how focused & determined my management team has become while working with Howard Shore and the program he customized for us. We are beginning year two under Howard’s guidance, and he has all of our departments running like a well-oiled machine. We are more efficient as a company and have learned to work smarter, not harder. Profitability is up, morale has never been better, and 2019 looks to be a record-breaking year.

Shane HobbsCEO, Dalworth Restoration

Having worked on several successful projects with Howard, we continue to enjoy and value his combination of deep corporate executive history, business knowledge, and practical “call it as is” wisdom. Executive leaders or corporations with a true desire to grow, learn, and change will surely benefit from engaging with Howard and his team.

David RosenCEO Kira Labs – Beauty Innovator, Manufacturer & Marketer

Ron DeangelisOwner of Jump Start Technology

Howard shore was engaged by air compressor works Inc to orient the business for profitable growth. Everything he promised, he delivered, and more. Howard is an insightful, thoughtful, and experienced business coach, you will not be disappointed if you work with him. Not only is Howard a man of integrity, but he is also a superb influencer and enables clients to understand the business process and come to their conclusions. I highly recommend Howard Shore for any enterprise that plans to grow and thrive.

Tim GrabrovazPresident, Air Compressor Works, Inc.

Our team thanks AGI for the multiple solutions provided for hiring vendors and future employees – these are game changers for us! We will be able to implement in a step-by-step process; solving some of our biggest hiring headaches. AGI quickly understood our problems and made specific suggestions that are right on target! 

Lisa AtkinsonBroker/Owner Total Real Estate Success

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in one of Howard’s leadership development sessions, and we have also spoken one-on-one on matters related to business coaching and business development. Howard is very thoughtful, and he is thought-provoking and extremely knowledgeable in several critical areas.

Maurice ThomasCEO – Thomas Services, Inc.

Howard has provided much-needed guidance and tools for us to help affect organizational change. His coaching has allowed us to implement new strategies and tactics that have led to growth and revenue development. Howard is a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him.

Nikki PackerSVP, Jewish Federation of Broward County

Howard has taught me more in a few short months than I have learned on my own during the past seven years of owning my business.

Fred AdkinsCEO, FRED

Activate Group’s leadership and expertise have helped our organization to re-think our present and better imagine our future. The rigorous strategic planning process has been a catalyst for positive change in our organization and has led to better business decisions.

Beth BooneArtistic and Executive Director, Miami Light Project

Howard Shore is a stellar executive and business coach as he helped us with sales and strategic business planning. We utilized Howard’s services for over a year and found his monthly meetings to be well organized, intellectually stimulating, and results-driven. I strongly recommend Howard!

Gaston BlanchDirector, Franklin Street

Howard has provided his executive coaching services several times for our organization and each time he has met the challenge and exceeded expectations. He is a pleasure to work with and is extremely knowledgeable in the coaching space.

Rick LongmanDirector, PWC Digital Services

My coach is great when it comes to recognizing, adjusting, and developing new sales strategies to fit our service and the current marketplace. I have been in outside sales for more than 22 years, and my coach brought new ideas to help me deal with the everyday trials of selling a non-tangible service, mostly by phone. I would recommend him to any company that wants to grow their business from inside, with the talent they already have.

Philip WassermanUnited TranzActions

Eileen AguirrePresident/Owner at Elements Accounting, Inc.

As an entrepreneur, I must admit that I had not paid enough attention to hiring practices until the business was going through a rough patch. We reluctantly agreed to use Activate Group’s TopGrading selection tools and hired our first ‘A’ player shortly after that. What a huge difference! Not only did we find that a true ‘A’ can perform the work of 2 or 3 employees in the same capacity, but they also become a model and motivation for others to improve. Now that we see the successful results, I would not even think of hiring anyone without the use of these tools.

Otmara Diaz-CooperPresident, Diaz & Cooper Advertising, Inc.

Christopher AdamsCOO Unicorn Innovations

I have attended Howard’s workshops with much excitement and anticipation as he coaches “C” level executives to scale growth companies. Using a combination of tried and tested tools, experiential tactics, and cutting edge approaches, Howard delivers practical guidance to help executives lead companies through various growth phases. I particularly enjoyed Howard’s coaching techniques using focused questions and real-life examples to enable participant learning. I thoroughly recommend Howard’s workshops to any C-Level Executive looking for a roadmap to profitable growth while enjoying the journey.

Richard OutramCFO of Cinch Home Services

After 60 days of working together you have turned us into a ‘High Velocity’ company. I am thankful for this!!!

Randy LevinsonPresident, Builders Blinds

At the referral of a highly admired colleague, I started working with Howard Shore in 2011. While I was skeptical going in, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career. Howard has a direct approach that leads me to question my way of thinking; not necessarily because it is wrong, but because there may be a better approach. By working with Howard, I have become a better leader, and I have experienced a variety of positive results from my interactions with Howard. I have also opened my Team to coaching from Howard. Among other things, he has helped us to evaluate our current culture vs. the culture we desire. To date, we have made great strides and are seeing the exceptional performance at all levels. Not only is our culture in sync with our core values, but we have also improved revenue & profitability by removing rocks that slowed us down.

I would highly recommend Howard to anyone seeking to find how they can improve culture, performance, and leadership.

Shannon P. AlfonsoPresident & CEO, Florida Region at Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company

I hired Howard to assist my company in evaluating and implementing a new sales structure and received so much more. Our engagement lasted well beyond the original scope due to his abilities to detect, challenge, offer, and guide. Howard has a breadth of experience in a variety of industries and business models that was useful to all areas of our business. Each time I got on the phone with him, he had new insights and ideas. It was clear he truly cared about my success and had been thinking about my business between meetings and calls. That’s not something you’ll get from any coach.

Amy CastronovaPresident at Novatek Communications

Howard has masterfully identified the key leaks that every company struggles with to some degree. And not only does he identify them clearly, he has given us the roadmap to plugging the leaks.

Jerry Fons

Howard is a seasoned leadership coach that is approachable and genuinely committed to delivering value to his customers. He conducts forthright and trustworthy, and when matters are not as expected, he shows flexibility in recovering.

Howard has worked to rally our company executives around the Business Acceleration System™ and its One Page Plan process. He has helped us distill, refine, and make alive our values and instill them permanently in our culture. He has done a fantastic job of holding our team accountable objectives and is never subtle in calculating the dollar value of our failings. All in all, I recommend Howard to any organization serious about taking command of their future prosperity and security.

Raul SegredoPresident, Avionica, Inc.

I am truly thankful I chose Howard as my executive coach this past year. Howard was incredibly influential in my personal and business growth. Howard first takes the time to understand you, your strengths, and your weaknesses. He then creates a plan to address the areas you need to improve upon. What I found incredibly refreshing was his no-nonsense approach. When having an executive coach, the coach must be honest with you, and the student to be willing to digest his feedback. He is incredibly spot on with not only what you need to improve upon, but more importantly, gives you instructions on how to overcome your most significant weaknesses. He truly guided me, and led me to improve my personal and emotional factors, while balancing that with business acumen, focused on either true sales lead generation, or short, mid, and long term strategy. I am forever grateful for the six months I had Howard as my coach, with lessons learned that will help me for the rest of my life.

Alfonso CuetoSenior Director at ESPN Latin America

As a CEO of a company whose entire leadership team was decentralized into eight different states around the country I felt I had unique challenges and was concerned whether a coach could help and support me, my team and our challenges. This proved to be a non-issue very quickly as we began seeing the impact of their work after our very first meeting. Howard has an innate ability to connect with anyone at all levels and almost intuitively, places himself in their shoes to better understand their challenges, and help them work through them. Howard was an incredible asset to me personally as I considered him an extension of our leadership team and someone who was in it doing the hard work we had to do to succeed. He forced my team and me to focus on a level which we had not prior. I was incredibly apprehensive as initially, I had interpreted this as being the failure of my Leadership, whereas Howard very quickly helped me understand that this is something I could not do alone. The Activate Group has my endorsement as a company that helped my team, and I recalibrate, sharpen our saws, and know what it meant to act as a true executive leadership team. They made a positive impact on our bottom line and the morale of our entire organization. I sincerely look forward to working with them again and would highly recommend them to anyone in my network.

Daniel CassaraDKI Ventures

Activate Group took our company through a tremendous journey that resulted in over 30% growth in our net margins. We thought the journey was for the company, but in actuality, it transformed our leaders.

Vince CarrodeguasPartner, Goldstein Schechter Koch

Howard Shore has provided strategic planning, meeting facilitation and executive coaching for my company. He has helped us grow to the next level in business maturity and helped us adopt the Business Acceleration System™. Like a true coach, he saw our blind spots and pushed us in directions initially uncomfortable for us, but later we found made a huge difference in our growth and organization. He has been fun to work with, and also very willing to adapt to our unique needs as a pure virtual company.

Floyd MarinescuCEO, InfoQ.com & QConferences.com

Activate Group prepared our management team for significant growth. Howard introduced us to several concepts and tools we continue to use every quarter to help us achieve and track our goals. The one-page strategic plan and accompanying 30-60-90-day goals for each of our departments are two very useful tools we have been using for the past year with great success. The techniques Howard taught us are an essential part of keeping our entire company focused as we surpass strategic goals this year.

Dale FreudenbergerCEO FLS Energy, Inc

Howard is a dynamic speaker and appeals to all management levels with his straightforward style. He is a consultant who has experienced the challenges of business and sales. He conveys this through the way he guides executives to the solutions without providing the answer but rather through provoking thought with questions and helpful commentary. I would recommend Howard to any organization looking to increase their bottom line, enhance strategic planning, or simply provide an entertaining and useful analysis of each manager within their organization. After giving our Business Leaders an in-depth questionnaire, he was able to provide reports to each individual and their superiors to assist us in understanding better communication methods and ways to get the most out of each personality type we had in our organization. The biggest plus was that he was fun in doing so, and he became the hit at our business planning meeting last year!

Kirsten DolanPresident/COO, One Parking

I was very reluctant to bring on a consultant, but Activate Group, Inc. came highly recommended. After working with Activate Group, we created a strategy to increase our rofit percentage and revenues. Within seven months we doubled our profit percentage and blew our revenue number out of the water. Now we are implementing strategies with Howard to create new revenue streams and hire new “A” players in our organization.

Arron RimpleyPresident, Whitley Collection

After working with Activate Group, we created a strategy to increase our profit percentage and revenues. Within seven months we doubled our profit percentage and blew our revenue number out of the water. Now we are implementing strategies with Howard to create new revenue streams and hire new “A” players in our organization.

Jeffrey SchillingerCEO, Hospital Physician Partners

As the Chief Administrative Officer/SVP of HR and Communications for VITAS Healthcare Corporation, I have had the privilege of working with Howard on various projects, including Executive Coaching. Howard is insightful and has the ability to help his clients come up with thoughtful solutions to challenging issues. Howard’s business intelligence combined with a clear sense of purpose and emotional intelligence makes him the perfect coach and business strategist.

Kal MistryChief Administrative Officer/SVP, VITAS Healthcare Corporation

My work with Howard Shore earlier this year has truly enhanced my selling skills and process, and made me a better rainmaker for our business. While I was excellent at forming relationships and connections, with my coach’s help, I was able to leverage what I already did well and take it to another level. He helped me to identify better and target the areas that I needed to improve upon, focused my efforts on increasing my ‘speed on the bases’ and as a result, I found myself having much more productive meetings with prospects—and spending less time with those who weren’t qualified. But the best thing has been the results that I’ve been able to achieve in the last six months. We landed our most significant client ever in the history of the business as well as several other “big fish,” which was one of my goals when I started. I feel more confident and am better prepared in my meetings, and I expect that I’ll only continue to improve with the tools and the process that I’ve learned.

Cheryl Beth KuchlerCEO, CEO Think Tank

Howard’s Leadership Coaching has helped us develop greater skills to deal with clients and employees while moving our company forward during a difficult economy.

Todd CooperOwner, Diaz & Cooper Advertisingdiazcooper.com

Brian BrownSkillful Improvements & Restoration

Howard is an excellent business coach! He has helped me in the areas of practice development and management and I would recommend him to others.

Mitch SteinDirector, Goldstein Schechter Koch

Activate Group, Inc. provided sales coaching services at my company. With our coach’s techniques and new approaches my sales team gained the change needed to improve sales in their territories. I also received valuable coaching and have been able to manage my reps’ sales pipelines more effectively and have been a better coach myself. I would recommend any company to utilize their services.

Alan GartnerUnited TranzActions

It has been a privilege to work with Activate Group, Inc, in assessing our sales talent and capabilities. They bring in industry expertise and provide valuable insight to our organization. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with our coach Howard!

Andrea GuntherDirector Global Talent Management, Assurant

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