Howard, You have had a very profound effect on our business and my personal life. I have always been focused on building a company with amazing culture that attracts and retains high performance people. There's nothing more important to me than culture. Sitting in your Rockefeller Habits introductory class several years ago was a pivotal point in my evolution as a leader. It was the beginning of a profound change in our organization. It is ironic that I received your email today because I was just on the phone with Jean from the Gazelles organization yesterday talking about you. I wanted to thank you for that experience that we shared together. I actually did not realize it until I read your email today but it really was that Rockefeller class that was a pivotal point in helping me understand exactly HOW to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Today we have a well led, well-managed cohesive organization with amazing culture and the tools and place to get things done efficiently and effectively. We are now in over 100 locations performing nearly $500 million a year in disaster recovery services with a team of people who are passionate about our organization and the services that we deliver and I'm not sure if we would have that today if I had not set in your Rockefeller class.

Michael Hosto
Director of Culture & Leadership Fire Chief Partners & 1-800-BOARDUP