As a CEO of a company whose entire leadership team was decentralized into eight different states around the country I felt I had unique challenges and was concerned whether a coach could help and support me, my team and our challenges.  This proved to be a non-issue very quickly as we began seeing the impact of their work after our very first meeting.  Howard has an innate ability to connect with anyone at all levels and almost intuitively, places himself in their shoes in order to better understand their challenges, and help them work through them.   Howard was an incredible asset to me personally as I considered him an extension of our leadership team and someone who was in it doing the hard work we had to do in order to succeed.  He forced my team and I to focus on a level which we had not prior.  I was incredibly apprehensive as initially I had interpreted this as being my failure of my Leadership, whereas Howard very quickly helped me understand that this is something I could not do alone.  The Activate Group has my endorsement as a company that helped my team and I recalibrate, sharpen our saws, and know what it meant to act like a true executive leadership team.  They made a positive impact on our bottom line and on the moral of our entire organization.  I sincerely look forward to working with them again and would highly recommend them to anyone in my network.

Daniel Cassara
President and CEO, DKI Ventures