Cheryl Beth Kuchler by admin, Date: Jul 06, 2020

Cheryl Beth Kuchler
My work with Howard Shore earlier this year has truly enhanced my selling skills and process and made me a better rainmaker for our business. While I was excellent at forming relationships and connections, with my coach’s help, I was able to leverage what I already did well and take it to another level. He helped me to identify better and target the areas that I needed to improve upon, focused my efforts on increasing my ‘speed on the bases’ and as a result, I found myself having much more productive meetings with prospects—and spending less time with those who weren’t qualified. But the best thing has been the results that I’ve been able to achieve in the last six months. We landed our most significant client ever in the history of the business as well as several other “big fish,” which was one of my goals when I started. I feel more confident and am better prepared in my meetings, and I expect that I’ll only continue to improve with the tools and the process that I’ve learned.