Austin Clark

Larry Rutkowski provided consulting services through the pandemic and its aftermath.  He became an integral part of the Executive Team and helped each team member improve where we needed it the most.  During this time, our revenues doubled, and our profits stayed the same…think about scaling revenues while maintaining profits. I strongly recommend Larry to anyone seriously looking to scale their business, improve the most important metrics, and identify blind spots that you may not know exist.

Jared Moré

Howard’s business recommendations helped launch our small company into a high valued mid-sized player in our industry. After working with Howard our company was sold at a substantial profit a year later. Howard’s management advice and financial consulting were second to none.

Andrea Gunther

It has been a privilege to work with Activate Group, Inc, in assessing our sales talent and capabilities. They bring in industry expertise and provide valuable insight to our organization. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with our coach Howard!

Jeremy Davidson

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After several years of break-even and lackluster growth, I knew my team could produce much better results. After working with numerous advisors, I found the process, coach, and software that could help our company break through the chasm. In one year, we well exceeded our industry’s profitability. In the second year, growth is accelerating, and we are on track to increase net profitability beyond what we thought we could do. Most importantly, I have not felt this in control of my business and am as excited about the future of our company. Activate Group Activate Group brought us the scalable strategic accountability process and the tough coaching needed to get ahead of our competition. Everyone needs a coach and Activate Group delivers the goods!

Alan Gartner

Activate Group, Inc. provided sales coaching services at my company. With our coach’s techniques and new approaches my sales team gained the change needed to improve sales in their territories. I also received valuable coaching and have been able to manage my reps’ sales pipelines more effectively and have been a better coach myself. I would recommend any company to utilize their services.

Mitch Stein

Howard is an excellent business coach! He has helped me in the areas of practice development and management and I would recommend him to others.

Todd Cooper

Howard’s Leadership Coaching has helped us develop greater skills to deal with clients and employees while moving our company forward during a difficult economy.

Cheryl Beth Kuchler

My work with Howard Shore earlier this year has truly enhanced my selling skills and process and made me a better rainmaker for our business. While I was excellent at forming relationships and connections, with my coach’s help, I was able to leverage what I already did well and take it to another level. He helped me to identify better and target the areas that I needed to improve upon, focused my efforts on increasing my ‘speed on the bases’ and as a result, I found myself having much more productive meetings with prospects—and spending less time with those who weren’t qualified. But the best thing has been the results that I’ve been able to achieve in the last six months. We landed our most significant client ever in the history of the business as well as several other “big fish,” which was one of my goals when I started. I feel more confident and am better prepared in my meetings, and I expect that I’ll only continue to improve with the tools and the process that I’ve learned.

Kal Mistry

As the Chief Administrative Officer/SVP of HR and Communications for VITAS Healthcare Corporation, I have had the privilege of working with Howard on various projects, including Executive Coaching. Howard is insightful and has the ability to help his clients come up with thoughtful solutions to challenging issues. Howard’s business intelligence combined with a clear sense of purpose and emotional intelligence makes him the perfect coach and business strategist.