I am truly impressed with how focused & determined my management team has become while working with Howard Shore and the programed he customized for us. We are beginning year two under Howard's guidance, and he has all of our departments running like a well oiled machine. We are more efficient as a company, and have learned to work smarter, not harder. Profitability is up, morale has never never been better, and 2019 looks to be a record breaking year.

Shane Hobbs
CEO, Dalworth Restoration

My coach is great when it comes to recognizing, adjusting and developing new sales strategies to fit our service and the current marketplace. I have been in outside sales for more than 22 years and my coach brought new ideas to help me deal with the everyday trials of selling a non-tangible service, mostly by phone. I would recommend him to any company that wants to grow their business from inside, with the talent they already have.

Philip Wasserman
United TranzActions

As an entrepreneur, I must admit that I had not paid enough attention to hiring practices until the business was going through a rough patch. We reluctantly agreed to use Activate Group’s TopGrading selection tools and hired our first ‘A’ player shortly thereafter. What a huge difference! Not only did we find that a true ‘A’ can perform the work of 2 or 3 employees in the same capacity, but they also become a model and motivation for others to improve. Now that we are seeing the successful results, I would not ever think of hiring anyone without the use of these tools.

Otmara Diaz-Cooper
President, Diaz & Cooper Advertising, Inc.

Activate Group, Inc. has been instrumental in helping our company. By using the tools such as Topgrading, we have hired key employees that have helped our company to turn around in growth mode. Through assessments and budgets created around our Gazelles one-page plan we now have a true blueprint for success.

Desmond Falla
CEO, DRT International

Bringing Howard into my company was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Howard recognized the potential in my executive team and in 1 year has transformed it into a well-oiled machine. I have seen tremendous growth from the members of my executive team. I attribute this growth to the personal coaching sessions and the time Howard spends with the members of my team. During the coaching sessions, he holds us accountable to our commitments and goals. He offers help and advice on meeting those commitments and goals. He makes sure we don't back down from those commitments and goals when we feel overwhelmed and lovingly helps us find solutions to get us back on track.

Our annual and quarterly planning meetings are magical. Howard is able to help us find and identify the items we need to work on, that will impact our business the most. He does this with insightful questions and comments. Once those items are clearly identified, his brilliance in strategy and execution helps us identify a simple execution plan and measurements to keep us laser focused on the plan.

Thank you, Howard!! Running my business is fun again!

Russ Palmer
CEO, Titan Restoration of Arizona