I am truly impressed with how focused & determined my management team has become while working with Howard Shore and the programed he customized for us. We are beginning year two under Howard's guidance, and he has all of our departments running like a well oiled machine. We are more efficient as a company, and have learned to work smarter, not harder. Profitability is up, morale has never never been better, and 2019 looks to be a record breaking year.

Shane Hobbs
CEO, Dalworth Restoration

Activate Group’s leadership and expertise has helped our organization to re-think our present and better imagine our future. The rigorous strategic planning process has been a catalyst for positive change in our organization, and has led to better business decisions.

Beth Boone
Artistic and Executive Director, Miami Light Project

Howard Shore is a stellar executive and business coach as he helped us with sales and business strategic planning. We utilized Howard’s services for over a year and found his monthly meetings to be well organized, intellectually stimulating, and results driven. I strongly recommend Howard!

Gaston Blanch
Director, Franklin Street

Bringing Howard into my company was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Howard recognized the potential in my executive team and in 1 year has transformed it into a well-oiled machine. I have seen tremendous growth from the members of my executive team. I attribute this growth to the personal coaching sessions and the time Howard spends with the members of my team. During the coaching sessions, he holds us accountable to our commitments and goals. He offers help and advice on meeting those commitments and goals. He makes sure we don't back down from those commitments and goals when we feel overwhelmed and lovingly helps us find solutions to get us back on track.

Our annual and quarterly planning meetings are magical. Howard is able to help us find and identify the items we need to work on, that will impact our business the most. He does this with insightful questions and comments. Once those items are clearly identified, his brilliance in strategy and execution helps us identify a simple execution plan and measurements to keep us laser focused on the plan.

Thank you, Howard!! Running my business is fun again!

Russ Palmer
CEO, Titan Restoration of Arizona

Howard Shore was engaged by Air Compressor Works Inc. to orient the business for profitable growth. Everything he promised, he delivered, and more. Howard is an insightful, thoughtful and experienced business coach, you will not be disappointed if you work with him. Not only is Howard a man of integrity he is a superb influencer and enables clients to understand the business process and come to their own conclusions. I highly recommend Howard Shore for any enterprise that plans to grow and thrive.

Tim Grabrovaz
President, Air Compressor Works, Inc.

After 60 days of working together you have turned us into a ‘High Velocity’ company. I am thankful for this!!!

Randy Levinson
President, Builders Blinds

At the referral of a highly admired colleague, I started working with Howard Shore in 2011. While I was skeptical going in, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career. Howard has a direct approach that leads me to question my way of thinking; not necessarily because it is wrong, but because there may be a better approach. By working with Howard, I have become a better leader and I have experienced a variety of positive results from my interactions with Howard. I have also opened my Team to coaching from Howard. Among other things, he has helped us to evaluate our current culture vs. the culture we desire. To date, we have made great strides and are seeing exceptional performance at all levels. Not only is our culture in sync with our core values, we have improved revenue & profitability by removing rocks that slowed us down.

I would highly recommend Howard to anyone seeking to find how they can improve culture, performance and leadership.

Shannon P. Alfonso
President & CEO, Florida Region at Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company

I hired Howard to assist my company in evaluating and implementing a new sales structure and received so much more. Our engagement lasted well beyond the original scope due to his abilities to detect, challenge, offer, and guide. Howard has breadth of experience in a variety of industries and business models that was useful to all areas of our business. Each time I got on the phone with him, he had new insights and ideas. It was clear he truly cared about my success and had been thinking about my business between meetings and calls. That's not something you'll get from any coach.

Amy Castronova
President at Novatek Communications

Howard, You have had a very profound effect on our business and my personal life. I have always been focused on building a company with amazing culture that attracts and retains high performance people. There's nothing more important to me than culture. Sitting in your Rockefeller Habits introductory class several years ago was a pivotal point in my evolution as a leader. It was the beginning of a profound change in our organization. It is ironic that I received your email today because I was just on the phone with Jean from the Gazelles organization yesterday talking about you. I wanted to thank you for that experience that we shared together. I actually did not realize it until I read your email today but it really was that Rockefeller class that was a pivotal point in helping me understand exactly HOW to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Today we have a well led, well-managed cohesive organization with amazing culture and the tools and place to get things done efficiently and effectively. We are now in over 100 locations performing nearly $500 million a year in disaster recovery services with a team of people who are passionate about our organization and the services that we deliver and I'm not sure if we would have that today if I had not set in your Rockefeller class.

Michael Hosto
Director of Culture & Leadership Fire Chief Partners & 1-800-BOARDUP

Howard is an seasoned leadership coach that is approachable and genuinely committed to delivering value to his customers. He conduct is forthright and trustworthy and when matters are not as expected, he shows flexibility in recovering.

Howard has worked to rally our company executives around the Rockefeller Habits and its One Page Plan process. He has helped us distill, refine, and make alive our values and instill them permanently in our culture. He has done a fantastic job of holding me and our team accountable to our objectives and is never subtle in calculating the dollar value of our failings. All in all, I recommend Howard to any team serious about taking command of their future prosperity and security.

Raul Segredo
President, Avionica, Inc.