As a skilled coach and passionate leader, Larry Rutkowski has the business experience and interpersonal skills to help leaders develop and execute strategies that allow them to achieve audacious goals, success, and freedom.

Larry has had a successful career encompassing a blend of sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain leadership experience spanning more than 35 years. On top of that, Larry earned his Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. The skillset Larry has cultivated through his professional and academic experience is as extensive as his professional achievements; he is analytical but visionary, personable but disciplined. His aptitude for achievement in diverse areas has driven his success, allowing him to hold a host of executive level positions that included CEO and ascend to the number two position in a several hundred million dollar organization..

In Larry's work as a coach, he teaches his clients to use versatility to manage people and functions, to fiercely commit to achieving their goals, and to use a team-oriented leadership style to maximize revenue and results.

In addition to his pursuit of professional success, Larry prides himself on his community service and contributions. Larry has volunteered his time coaching unemployed parishioners one-on-one not to just find jobs, but to hit the ground running in their new careers. He has also volunteered at food pantries and sat on different boards as a Member and Chairman— all while raising a family.

Coaching is an exciting opportunity for Larry to use his years of industry expertise to help others achieve their greatest level of personal and professional success. Larry believes that embracing change is the key to successful leadership and looks forward to working with clients to create results-driven, effective strategies and processes that will take them and their business to the next level.

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