Our proven business acceleration system®

Within the Business Acceleration System®, Activate Group’s Business Acceleration Tools® are instrumental in providing the platform for you to achieve objectives and facilitate the growth process within your organization.

The Business Acceleration System® is a repeatable framework designed to simplify the ease, speed, and confidence you have in growing your business. Driven by the CEO and delivered by your team, we help the team learn how to master and integrate six systems:



  1. Cash System
    Cash is to business as oxygen is to your body; you cease to exist without it. Our system uses concepts that Greg Crabtree, Alan Miltz, Joss Milner, and Howard Shore developed. We will identify and make changes to improve, optimize, or increase your business’s return on cash.
  2. Cohesive System
    By addressing leadership dysfunction, your leadership has better meetings, makes better decisions, and learns behaviors that turn leaders into multipliers rather than diminishers of performance. Our approach encompasses the best practices of Josu Lencioni, Liz Wiseman, and others.
  3. Cultural System
    Your cultural system motivates purpose and how all stakeholders are treated. Our approach encompasses the best practice of Jim Collins, Gallup, and others.
  4. Execution System
    The execution system involves priority setting, communication rhythms, metrics, and holding everyone accountable. This system aligns short-term actions to your long-term goals and objective. We help you focus on your organization by clarifying goals, strategies, and initiatives required over the next three years, one year, and each quarter to achieve the longer-term objectives. Our approach encompasses the best practices of Josu Lencioni, Stephen Covey, Shannon Susko, and others.
  5. Human Capital Management
    Clarifies the right structure, puts the right people in the right seats, and allows them to grow and thrive with your organization. Our approach encompasses the best practices of Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, Albert Noa, Howard Shore, and Bradford and Geoffrey Smart.
  6. Strategy
    This is your ability to deliver a unique mix of activities that cause you to compete on different dimensions than your competition in a highly valuable way to your clients. Our approach encompasses the best practices of Jim Collins, Alex Osterwalder, and Shannon Susko.

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