How to Analyze Your Business Potential

Business coaching is an effective method for improving the fortunes of an organization. We undertake detailed analysis to help create a bespoke development plan to ensure we provide you with excellent service and a successful coaching experience.

Leaders and management teams cannot simply point to one reason why they haven’t reached their potential. If they could, it would be an easy fix.

Instead, there are commonly several factors restricting success. That is why conducting business potential analysis allows business coaches like us to find areas for improvement across the board, helping to create a roadmap to success and drive rapid growth.

What is business potential analysis?

Business potential analysis is a process we implement to give us a comprehensive evaluation of specific areas within your business. We can analyze and identify improvement areas from dialing into your target market and competitor benchmarking to exploring new markets and predicting market growth rates for scalable success.

Market analysis for business success

More than how your business runs currently, we need to see opportunities for your organization and learn how to identify growth potential. When analyzing a business’ potential we must look at several factors for a comprehensive understanding of where positive action can occur.


  • Competitive landscape – We must understand the competitive landscape of your business, both from the perspective of what your competition looks like and, by comparison, what your competitive advantages and disadvantages are.
  • Market size – The size of the market you operate in has a huge influence on the potential of your business. Larger markets with high growth rates represent more potential for a business.
  • Management structure – Management teams with sound experience and a history of success are important for identifying business potential. But while important, this is a particular area where our coaching can make the difference if your management team is lacking in experience.
  • Financial health – Financial health can dictate the speed at which we can see growth in a company. The better shape your finances are in, from balance sheets to cash flow, the sooner you can see improved profit margins and revenue growth.
  • Potential for expansion – Some markets are small and companies need to diversify to improve their fortunes. It’s important to assess whether growth for your company looks like expanding into new markets, developing new products, or simply improving your existing structure.

Product potential analysis

If you are a business that provides physical products, it’s important to ensure you are operating in the best way possible to maximize results and profits. Product potential analysis looks at the product you provide and assesses important factors that can encourage speedy growth. This includes the size and potential growth rate of your market, what barriers to success your competitors pose, and the technical side of bringing your product to the market, including how scalable this process is.

Assessing the potential of your products can help us as business coaches to develop a strategy that works towards achieving it. Whether that means new marketing avenues can be followed or sales strategies need to be revamped, our business coaches have a track record for delivering improved performance, helping leaders become stronger, and creating clarity for better alignment throughout your company.

Business service analysis

Similar to product analysis, business service analysis allows business coaches to identify areas for improvement and increase potential through the various aspects of the service you provide.

From detailing inefficiencies to measuring customer satisfaction, costs, and market demand, business service analysis is an essential component to help us understand your organization better and deliver on maximizing your potential.

Learning to move out of your comfort zone

Sometimes, there is only so much organic growth a business can enjoy, and there comes a time when adding more tools to your arsenal is the only way to progress. Of course, not every business is fulfilling its potential but with the right coaching, its leaders can see where they need to take their organization and the route they need to follow.

Howard M. Shore believes a business coach can be viewed the same way as a personal trainer – they aim to instill good habits despite the fact they may not come instinctively to you. A personal trainer might make you do push-ups, pull-ups and burpees but they are doing so to ensure that your body is getting stronger and capable of more. The same applies to running a business, and while it may work fine as it is, there are always ways to strengthen and improve the way a company runs.

Discover why business coaching is for you

If you find that your business is struggling to push through to the next level, then coaching will help unlock its potential. Our business coaches are experienced and qualified and have a history of bringing success to the companies we work with, from start-ups to those turning over billions of dollars.

If you feel like your company isn’t reaching its potential, our expert and experienced business coaching services are here to help. From executive coaching for developing leadership skills within your team to building effective systems and processes for success and enhancing team dynamics, our methods achieve results.

Get in touch with a business coach to discover how we can help your underperforming organization reach its potential. Call 305.722.7213 or email today.

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