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Get Out of Your Own Way

Leaders Get Out of Your Own Way

Frustrated by your organization’s performance. Tired of underperforming, failing to achieve objectives, challenged to achieve positive cash flow, can’t put your finger on why all this was happening. Leaders Get Out of Your Own Way, a good leadership operating system makes all these problems go away. Poor leadership was the cause and everything else was effect!

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Avoid Horrible Meetings

A client asked me to observe his weekly leadership team meeting and it was one of the worst meetings I had attended in a long time. Every leader in the room should have been upset because they essentially wasted 90 minutes. More concerning was the fact that leadership rated it a great meeting.

Might you and your leaders unconsciously fall into the same traps as my client? After all, the agenda and process for the meeting is common practice and is prescribed by EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementers all around the world. The problem was not the process or EOS, it was the way it was being implemented. Let’s dissect what happened and then discuss what should happen in every weekly meeting.

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