Join Activate Group and renowned consultant and speaker John Spence on March 30th for a valuable and informative discussion on how to establish your company in the marketplace and market share away from your competitors.

Be among our 9 sponsors and guests to learn:

  • How to determine the real core competency of your business.
  • Why “Talent” should be treated as a strategic objective.
  • How do you build and sustain a Winning culture?
  • Creating a process for flawless execution of your company’s Moments of Truth.
  • Understanding the economic impact of creating highly engaged customers.
  • The four biggest issues that keep senior executives up at night – and how to handle them.
  • How to be a more effective Strategic thinker.


Sponsors: BDO, Cross Keys Capital, ipfoneHiger Lichter & Givner, Mercer, NSI Insurance Group, Steven Douglas Associates, TD Bank & Ten Golden Rules

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