Many companies have spent the last 12 to 18 months focusing their efforts on cutting costs and hoping a turn in the economy. Unfortunately, most have found that one cannot cut their way to growth. During the downturn there have been many companies that were able to grow; two things were critical to that growth: 1) a good strategy and 2) stellar sales team.

This led to “After the Cutting How Successful Companies Are Selling Their Way Back To The Top.” Dave Kurlan will bring actionable solutions to answer some key questions that has been bothering business leaders for years:

  • Recognizing, finding and attracting ideal sales super stars;
  • The differences between salespeople who might sell vs. those who actually will;
  • How to spot a sales winner in the first twenty minutes of the first interview;

In the turning economy, it is the best time for companies to invest in building a sales all-star team that will sell their way to the top. You’ll learn about the effect that hidden strengths and weaknesses have on sales and profits.  You’ll hear real-world case histories that will shed light on lost opportunities, slipping margins, rising cost of sales, compensation, complacency, market share and turnover. You’ll discover the top five things on which sales managers should be spending 85% of their time.  In just two short hours, you’ll learn more about growing your sales organization than in an entire lifetime of business!

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