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Business coaching

Leading a multimillion-dollar company and coaching the leadership of a multimillion-dollar company are two vastly different things. When you work with an Activate Group coach, you are working with someone who has been put through a rigorous 12-month training program led by company president Howard M. Shore. And these are people who have spent years leading one or more businesses ranging from startup to over $1 billion in revenue.

Discover how an Activate Group Business Coach can transform your employees into an engaged, revenue-producing team.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is all about peeling back the layers of a leader, stretching and challenging their thinking until they can see themselves and their business through a new lens they may not have seen otherwise.

Our proven, evidence-based program uses positive and humanistic psychology, working with clients to determine the everyday life and business changes that are needed to foster a more fulfilling professional and personal life experience.

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Healthcare Company

Cash-flow positive in 90 Days and grew revenue 70% in six months.

Skin Care Manufacturer

Shifted negative cash-flow to producing $1.5MM in cash in nine months.

Restoration Company #1

The company grew to almost $22 million in revenue and had nearly doubled its net profit margin to over 25%

Restoration Company #2

Revenue started growing at a healthy 20% growth rate and on track to increase net profit margin from 7% to 16%.

Software Company

The company more than doubled twice over fiver years.

The Activate Library

Every person on your team needs the strategies to break through the barriers that prevent the creation and sustainability of a scalable business. With the books in the Activate Library, your entire company – from CEO to intern – will understand their potential and be better equipped to generate the traction and significant growth you seek.