Digital Courses

My courses have helped so many businesses reach their full potential. Here’s what some of them have to say about what they learned...

Richard Outram

Howard brings a refreshing engagement style. His approach, cutting-edge technologies, and frameworks help get companies to their next level of growth.

Josh Hobbs

Howard is very high-energy and passionate about what he does. One of the things I like about Howard’s message is that it was simple and hit you right in the gut with a lot of energy. He kept me on the edge of my seat.


To find, hire, and keep the best employees that will produce maximum results, you need to view labor as an investment.

The Predictable Cash System Course

Growing cash is more important than growing revenue. We want to challenge you to grow both at the same rate.

The Strategy Course

The strategic choices you make within your company need to be considered from many angles in order to see how the decision, choice, or situation you are making will affect your company in both the short and long term.”


Free templates and worksheets to distribute to your teams

Position Profile, Career History, and Hiring Scorecards are just a few of the templates you can expect to have at your disposal!

Assessment Data and Recommendations

Get tried and tested recommendations on how to build the fortress balance sheet that allows you to never have to miss or shortchange a great opportunity again!

Case study examples

Hear about cash flow systems and how to troubleshoot deeply-ingrained problems in assessing profits and revenue within your company.

About Author

Hi, I’m Howard Shore.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and 2-time best-selling author of the books, “The Leadership Launchpad” and “Your Business Is A Leaky Bucket.”

Over the past 30 years, I’ve …
  • Helped create over $1 Billion in business value.
  • Founded, owned, and led 9 businesses.
  • Lead and coached Fortune 500 companies.
  • Influenced thousands of leaders in public and private companies, ranging from startups to $1 billion in revenue on how to run their business better.