How executive coaching works

Our proven, evidence-based program uses positive and humanistic psychology to determine the everyday life and business changes needed to foster a more fulfilling professional and personal life experience. We believe every leader can achieve significantly more growth than they ever thought possible. The key is learning how to be more effective in unlocking the untapped true potential of your people.

CEOs (and senior level managers) generally come to Activate Group already knowing that they want to engage a coach. The frustration they have in their business brings them to us. All of them have the same question: “How will I benefit from working with an Executive Coach?”
After almost three decades of offering executive coaching services and seeing what happens when clients take full advantage of the opportunity.

The six benefits of working with an Activate Group executive coach:

  1. Clarity of You
    Accurate self-awareness in leaders is highly correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability. Employees prefer to follow leaders who see themselves clearly. Activate Group Executive Coaches gather input about how others see you and share it with you. Your Executive Coach will also share his or her perceptions of you, based on observations and interactions with others. Then, your Executive Coach helps you build skills to see yourself more clearly, so you become clearer on your strengths, how to see yourself through the lens of your team, and where to move forward with your assumptions and instincts.
  2. Clarity of Them
    Losing good employees kills your bottom line. You might not recognize and support good employees’ capabilities or keep poor performers too long. An Activate Group Executive Coach will provide you neutral perceptions of those around you and help you apply the same mental skills you learned for seeing yourself more clearly, allowing you to view your team through a more accurate lens.
  3. Respond Better
    Marshall Goldsmith, perhaps the best-known executive coach in the U.S., wrote a book called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. For CEOs and Senior Management to hit their audacious goals, bringing teams together is vital, and it starts with how you respond to their feedback and needs. The goal is to help you become a more inspired leader that activates teams.
  4. Highlight Your Strengths
    Often CEOs and Senior Management underestimate their strengths. Becoming laser focused on your uniqueness and value as a leader is a powerful tool for change. An Activate Group Executive Coach helps you highlight your strengths more effectively for the benefit of your team and organization.
  5. Foster Productive Relationships
    Leaders can dramatically limit their effectiveness by only being willing or able to build strong relationships with certain kinds of people (generally people like themselves). An Activate Group Executive Coach helps you question the limiting assumptions you make about people who aren’t like you and offers tools to support you in understanding and creating strong and vital working relationships with a wider variety of people. Productive relationships lead to increased productivity and profit.
  6. Achieve Your Audacious Goals
    This is the bottom line, right? An Activate Group Executive Coach helps you clarify your goals and dreams, and more importantly, outlines your capability in achieving them. Unlike your family or your employees, your coach isn’t dependent on you for his or her success. The coach’s neutrality provides better clarity and action support. Your coach teaches you new ways of thinking and operating as well as new skills that will allow you to better reach your goals and create the career you want.

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Every Activate Group coach has led at least one organization from start-up to $20B in revenue before ever becoming a coach

Enjoy more growth & freedom in your business

When working with an Activate Executive Coach, you can expect a transformation in the following areas:

  • Self-Recognition – a deeper understanding of true self and potential for greater leadership effectiveness
  • Understanding – A powerful sense of how to more resourcefully tackle challenges
  • Awareness of Others – A better understanding of how to better negotiate personal and professional relationships
  • Efficacy – Uncovering new traits to be leveraged for greater efficiency in leadership and achievement of success
  • Targeted Success – Clearly articulated aspirations with specific corresponding action plans
  • Fulfillment – Engage and gain more fulfillment from professional and life pursuits



Within the Business Acceleration System®, Activate Group’s Business Acceleration Tools® are instrumental in providing the platform for you to achieve objectives and facilitate the growth process within your organization.

The Business Acceleration Checklist helps identify foundational habits that may be missing from your organization, which could impact long-term effectiveness in areas such as priorities, meeting habits, core values, accountability, communication, vision clarity, strategy, transparency, and talent management. The Business Acceleration Calculator helps identify 21 different ways to accelerate and grow the amount of cash in your organization.

Book A Free 90-Minute Consult With A Certified Activate Coach

Every Activate Group coach has led at least one organization from start-up to $20B in revenue before ever becoming a coach