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Business Coaching in Jacksonville

Whether you’re a growing business or an established global organization, the benefits of business coaching can’t be overstated. As with so many things in life, working with an experienced enabler can make all the difference to your success, and your ability to achieve your goals.

Successful companies around the world utilize business coaching to improve employee performance, grow profit margins and reach their targets with greater efficiency. If you’re looking to achieve extraordinary results for your own business, our business coaching services in Jacksonville are for you.

What We Do

Successful companies around the world utilize business coaching to improve employee performance, grow profit margins and reach their targets with greater efficiency. If you’re looking to achieve extraordinary results for your own business, our business coaching services in Jacksonville are for you.

Activate Group are passionate about helping Jacksonville businesses succeed, providing a range of services to increase employee engagement and revenue. With tailored business coaching, mentorship services, online resources, and digital courses, you’ll have all the tools necessary to discover the untapped potential of your business.

Our Coaches

Our coaches have decades’ worth of experience in business coaching, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help businesses succeed. We have experience in various aspects of business, including team leadership, strategy development and execution, human capital management and operations, and much more.

We’ll teach you acceleration methods to help you scale up quicker, build wealth and optimize productivity. As recognized thought leaders and industry experts, we combine professional and educational experience to help our Jacksonville clients achieve results they could previously only dream of.

Business Coach Methods

Our innovative Business Acceleration System allows us to help leaders identify the habits and processes that are holding them back. By developing a clearer vision for the future and creating a strategy tailored to their unique goals and targets, we can help them to reach higher levels of success faster.

Our framework is designed to improve communication within teams, establish core values, develop accountability, and much more, resulting in measurable results. Using our Business Acceleration Calculator, we can help our clients in Jacksonville and the surrounding area work through the 12 ways an organization can progress.

At Activate Group, our leadership coaching starts with the end goal in mind. In order to fast track your results, we need to determine which areas are preventing you from seeing the results you’re striving for, so we can help you to implement changes that will create better alignment in your business.

We use several methodologies to do this, including the 3HAG concept – a strategic and execution system that predicts growth rate for more efficient progression. Our coaches are Scaling Up Certified, Gazelles Certified and Business Acceleration System Certified, so we’re confident that we have the qualifications to support the advice we provide.

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We’re available now to help you grow your business and reach your goals. To book a free initial consultation or to discuss how Activate Group can support your Jacksonville business, please contact us today.


I was surprised at how much business coaching actually helped myself and my company. As a young entrepreneur, I knew I had a lot to learn - but didn't quite realize how much I still had to learn until working with Activate Group. Howard and his team are extremely knowledgeable on how to implement effective strategies for growth. My company has since doubled and I've taken away skills that will benefit me in all areas of business.
Emily Birch
Emily Birch
I have been working with Howard for about six months on my business. He has helped create structure from the chaos to build a business that runs smoothly, gets results and is profitable, all without me having to work 80 hour weeks. Unlike many coaches I've worked with in the past, Howard has a gift for saying the thing that needs to be said in a way that inspires action. And his advice is always spot on. Working with Howard has had a huge impact on my business!
Marc Ensign
Marc Ensign
“My coach is great when it comes to recognizing, adjusting and developing new sales strategies to fit our service and the current marketplace. I have been in outside sales for more than 25 years and my coach brought new ideas to help me deal with the everyday trials of selling a non-tangible service, mostly by phone. I would recommend him to any company that wants to grow their business from inside, with the talent they already have.” Philip Wasserman
Philip Wasserman
Philip Wasserman
As an entrepreneur, I realized that I had not paid enough attention to hiring practices until the business was going through a rough patch. We reluctantly agreed to use Activate Group’s TopGrading selection tools and hired our first ‘A’ player shortly thereafter. What a huge difference! Not only did we find that a true ‘A’ can perform the work of 2 or 3 employees in the same capacity, but they also become a model and motivation for others to improve. Now that we are seeing the successful results, I would not ever think of hiring anyone without the use of these tools. – Omi Diaz-Cooper, President, Diaz & Cooper Advertising, Inc.
Omi Diaz-Cooper
Omi Diaz-Cooper

Business Acceleration

Identify foundational habits that may be missing from your organization and learn 21 different ways to accelerate sales, growth, profit, and cash flow in your organization.
Business Acceleration Checklist: Habits for effectiveness in setting priorities, core values, vision, clarity, strategy, accountability, communication, meeting habits, transparency, talent management, and more.
Business Acceleration Calculator: 21 proven growth strategies to scale your business.


All worthy goals need KPIs to instigate momentum. Our accountability tools help you identify measurable steps towards desired outcomes, propelling your vision forward in a systematic manner.
Measurable steps towards long-term desired outcomes
Using KPIs to propel momentum
Tools for developing KPIs
Tools for using rhythm & follow-through to create systematic growth


Set the path for growth by simplifying your focus, identifying your organization’s distinctive contribution to the industry, and its unique strengths & weaknesses in light of emerging trends.
Strategy Tools to realize your vision
Identifying your company's distinctive contribution to your industry
Identifying strength & weaknesses
Considering emerging trends
Simplifying your focus
3-year visioning
Moving towards goals

Human Capital Management

Human capital is your organization's greatest asset. We help you ensure the right people are filling the right roles, show you how to measure effectiveness, identify misalignments, and instill accountability.
Aligning core values with personnel & performance
Tools to analyze the effectiveness of each member
Developing role accountability at every level
Ensuring the right people fill the right roles


Use our planning tools to set goals, prioritize, and align your organization to your audacious 10+ year goal from both a strategic and financial perspective.
Setting goals
10-year visioning
Strategic planning
Organizational development
Process & performance optimization
Growth, profitability & goal achievement


Quickly and accurately identify specific areas where resources and industry opportunities are not being optimized to their fullest potential in alignment with core values.
Organizational development
Enhancing company culture
Aligning purpose, core values & resources
Aligning industry opportunities & resources
Tools for aligning resources strategically & effectively

Our Business Coaches

Meet Your Executive & Business Coach Leadership Team

Activate Group’s team of business coaches and executive leadership consultants will help you see your business and the world differently. They will equip you with the tools and methodologies to discover opportunities you may have never imagined and achieve results that bridge the gap between what is …  and what can be.

Howard M. Shore

Howard M. Shore

Activate Group Founder, Master Business Accelerator, Speaker & Best-Selling Author, Business and Executive Coach
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Larry Rutkowski

Larry Rutkowski

Kellogg School of Management, Business and Executive Coach, Speaker, Scaling Up, Management & Leadership
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Mo Rousso

Mo Rousso

Business and Executive Coach, Speaker, Published Author, Business Acceleration, Process Optimization, Tech & Innovation
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Albert Noa

Albert Noa

Leadership and Management Coach, Human Capital Management, Change Management, Operationalizing Strategy, Performance & Process Management
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