Business coaching is one of the leading tools that successful organizations use to improve employee performance, increase profit margins, and achieve their targets. If you’re an ambitious leader looking to achieve extraordinary results in your business, Activate Group’s business coaching services in Chicago are the solution.

With extensive business experience, our coaches have worked with businesses in a host of industries to apply effective strategies that help leaders reach their goals. Every member of our team has managed thriving businesses that have achieved great success, bringing in millions in revenue and tripling employee engagement, so we have the expertise to help organizations like yours achieve the same.


We help leaders to implement strategies, systems and software to scale up faster for lucrative rewards and streamlined processes that work. Every member of our coaching team has independently managed a business with at least $50m in annual revenue, so we know which strategies provide the best results for your organization and team.

At Activate Group, our passion is helping businesses succeed. We want to help leaders uncover the true potential of their business and achieve results they previously only dreamed of, and we offer several services to help Chicago business achieve this. Along with our customized business coaching and mentorship services, we also provide online resources and digital courses that will help you discover the untapped potential of your team to exceed your targets as quickly as possible.


Using our innovative Business Acceleration System, we help leaders and executives identify the habits that are holding them back from true success. From developing a clearer vision and business strategy to improving communication among teams and establishing core values, we provide the framework to deliver highly measurable results. Using our Business Acceleration Calculator, we can help our clients in Chicago work through the 21 ways an organization can progress.

Our leadership coaching starts with the end in mind. We want your business to be successful and we want to fast-track those results. By establishing the areas that could be holding you back, we help you to implement positive changes that will develop accountability and better alignment within the business. We’ll give you the tools you need to work more efficiently and to create a company culture that’s built to succeed, so your staff can quickly identify with the core values of the business.

Our coaches implement several methodologies with clients, including the 3HAG concept, which is a strategic system which predicts growth rate, so you want advance in your business faster and more efficiently. Activate Group are Scaling Up Certified, Gazelles Certified and Business Acceleration System Certified, so we have the qualifications to back up our processes and guidance.

  • Accelerate Growth
  • Increase Productivity
  • Scale by Systemizing
  • Increase Profit Margins
  • Increase Business Valuation
  • Improve Predictability of Results
  • Create a Dynamic Culture
  • Nurture Effective Leadership
  • Improve Communication
  • Reduce Stress


With decades’ worth of collective experience in business coaching, strategy and performance management, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your business succeed. Our team has experience in marketing and operations, team leadership, strategy development and so much more.

Our coaches are on hand to teach leaders and executive teams the acceleration methods that will help them scale up, build wealth, and maximize productivity. We’re recognized thought leaders and industry experts, with academic and professional experience that helps our Chicago clients achieve enviable results.

Our team of experienced coaches are on hand to help your business succeed. If you’d like to book a free initial consultation or discuss how Activate Group can help your Chicago business, contact us today.

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Emily Birch
Emily Birch
January 10, 2018.
I was surprised at how much business coaching actually helped myself and my company. As a young entrepreneur, I knew I had a lot to learn - but didn't quite realize how much I still had to learn until working with Activate Group. Howard and his team are extremely knowledgeable on how to implement effective strategies for growth. My company has since doubled and I've taken away skills that will benefit me in all areas of business.
Marc Ensign
Marc Ensign
August 11, 2017.
I have been working with Howard for about six months on my business. He has helped create structure from the chaos to build a business that runs smoothly, gets results and is profitable, all without me having to work 80 hour weeks. Unlike many coaches I've worked with in the past, Howard has a gift for saying the thing that needs to be said in a way that inspires action. And his advice is always spot on. Working with Howard has had a huge impact on my business!
Philip Wasserman
Philip Wasserman
May 10, 2016.
“My coach is great when it comes to recognizing, adjusting and developing new sales strategies to fit our service and the current marketplace. I have been in outside sales for more than 25 years and my coach brought new ideas to help me deal with the everyday trials of selling a non-tangible service, mostly by phone. I would recommend him to any company that wants to grow their business from inside, with the talent they already have.” Philip Wasserman
Omi Diaz-Cooper
Omi Diaz-Cooper
May 8, 2016.
As an entrepreneur, I realized that I had not paid enough attention to hiring practices until the business was going through a rough patch. We reluctantly agreed to use Activate Group’s TopGrading selection tools and hired our first ‘A’ player shortly thereafter. What a huge difference! Not only did we find that a true ‘A’ can perform the work of 2 or 3 employees in the same capacity, but they also become a model and motivation for others to improve. Now that we are seeing the successful results, I would not ever think of hiring anyone without the use of these tools. – Omi Diaz-Cooper, President, Diaz & Cooper Advertising, Inc.

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