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Business coaching is one of the leading tools that successful organizations use to improve employee performance, increase profit margins, and achieve their targets. If you’re an ambitious leader looking to achieve extraordinary results in your business, Activate Group’s business coaching services in Chicago are the solution. 

With extensive business experience, our coaches have worked with businesses in a host of industries to apply effective strategies that help leaders reach their goals. Every member of our team has managed thriving businesses that have achieved great success, bringing in millions in revenue and tripling employee engagement, so we have the expertise to help organizations like yours achieve the same.

What We Do

We help leaders to implement strategies, systems and software to scale up faster for lucrative rewards and streamlined processes that work. Every member of our coaching team has independently managed a business with at least $50m in annual revenue, so we know which strategies provide the best results for your organization and team.

At Activate Group, our passion is helping businesses succeed. We want to help leaders uncover the true potential of their business and achieve results they previously only dreamed of, and we offer several services to help Chicago business achieve this. Along with our customized business coaching and mentorship services, we also provide online resources and digital courses that will help you discover the untapped potential of your team to exceed your targets as quickly as possible.

Our Coaches

With decades’ worth of collective experience in business coaching, strategy and performance management, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your business succeed. Our team has experience in marketing and operations, team leadership, strategy development and so much more.

Our coaches are on hand to teach leaders and executive teams the acceleration methods that will help them scale up, build wealth, and maximize productivity. We’re recognized thought leaders and industry experts, with academic and professional experience that helps our Chicago clients achieve enviable results..

Business Growth Methods

Using our innovative Business Acceleration System, we help leaders and executives identify the habits that are holding them back from true success. From developing a clearer vision and business strategy to improving communication among teams and establishing core values, we provide the framework to deliver highly measurable results. Using our Business Acceleration Calculator, we can help our clients in Chicago work through the 21 ways an organization can progress.

Our leadership coaching starts with the end in mind. We want your business to be successful and we want to fast-track those results. By establishing the areas that could be holding you back, we help you to implement positive changes that will develop accountability and better alignment within the business. We’ll give you the tools you need to work more efficiently and to create a company culture that’s built to succeed, so your staff can quickly identify with the core values of the business.

Our coaches implement several methodologies with clients, including the 3HAG concept, which is a strategic system which predicts growth rate, so you want advance in your business faster and more efficiently. Activate Group are Scaling Up Certified, Gazelles Certified and Business Acceleration System Certified, so we have the qualifications to back up our processes and guidance.

Our team of experienced coaches are on hand to help your business succeed. If you’d like to book a free initial consultation or discuss how Activate Group can help your Chicago business, contact us today.

Business Acceleration

Identify foundational habits that may be missing from your organization and learn 21 different ways to accelerate sales, growth, profit, and cash flow in your organization.
Business Acceleration Checklist: Habits for effectiveness in setting priorities, core values, vision, clarity, strategy, accountability, communication, meeting habits, transparency, talent management, and more.
Business Acceleration Calculator: 21 proven growth strategies to scale your business.


All worthy goals need KPIs to instigate momentum. Our accountability tools help you identify measurable steps towards desired outcomes, propelling your vision forward in a systematic manner.
Measurable steps towards long-term desired outcomes
Using KPIs to propel momentum
Tools for developing KPIs
Tools for using rhythm & follow-through to create systematic growth


Set the path for growth by simplifying your focus, identifying your organization’s distinctive contribution to the industry, and its unique strengths & weaknesses in light of emerging trends.
Strategy Tools to realize your vision
Identifying your company's distinctive contribution to your industry
Identifying strength & weaknesses
Considering emerging trends
Simplifying your focus
3-year visioning
Moving towards goals

Human Capital Management

Human capital is your organization's greatest asset. We help you ensure the right people are filling the right roles, show you how to measure effectiveness, identify misalignments, and instill accountability.
Aligning core values with personnel & performance
Tools to analyze the effectiveness of each member
Developing role accountability at every level
Ensuring the right people fill the right roles


Use our planning tools to set goals, prioritize, and align your organization to your audacious 10+ year goal from both a strategic and financial perspective.
Setting goals
10-year visioning
Strategic planning
Organizational development
Process & performance optimization
Growth, profitability & goal achievement


Quickly and accurately identify specific areas where resources and industry opportunities are not being optimized to their fullest potential in alignment with core values.
Organizational development
Enhancing company culture
Aligning purpose, core values & resources
Aligning industry opportunities & resources
Tools for aligning resources strategically & effectively

Our Business Coaches

Meet Your Executive & Business Coach Leadership Team

Activate Group’s team of business coaches and executive leadership consultants will help you see your business and the world differently. They will equip you with the tools and methodologies to discover opportunities you may have never imagined and achieve results that bridge the gap between what is …  and what can be.

Howard M. Shore

Howard M. Shore

Activate Group Founder, Master Business Accelerator, Speaker & Best-Selling Author, Business and Executive Coach
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Larry Rutkowski

Larry Rutkowski

Kellogg School of Management, Business and Executive Coach, Speaker, Scaling Up, Management & Leadership
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Mo Rousso

Mo Rousso

Business and Executive Coach, Speaker, Published Author, Business Acceleration, Process Optimization, Tech & Innovation
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Albert Noa

Albert Noa

Leadership and Management Coach, Human Capital Management, Change Management, Operationalizing Strategy, Performance & Process Management
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