There is one thing that each of our coaches knows – you need to have the discipline to take risks. If your management and executive team are not aligned in their goals, and if your company culture is underdeveloped and unsupportive of change, this can create enormous friction.

Companies hire a business coach when they believe that investing in their employees is the best way to grow and sustain profitability for the business. CEOs hire a business coach to help their managers and employees work more effectively, efficiently, and enthusiastically. What does this actually mean?

Activate Group’s certified business coaches help CEOs and leadership teams grow their companies further and faster with less frustration, making what appears impossible possible! We do this by delivering a success model learned from great sports teams:

  • A structured, repeatable, compound growth system – Our proprietary model is the Business Acceleration System®.
  • A coach who is an expert in the repeatable process and ensures the team has clarity of role and position while keeping it highly cohesive and focused on the team result.
  • A software platform that creates daily behavioral habits leading to more clarity and alignment and a higher level of accountability.

The structure, repeatable, compound growth system involves continuously improving six systems:

Soft Systems: Culture, Team, and Human Capital Management
Hard Systems: Strategy, Execution, and Cash

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Every Activate Group coach has led at least one organization from start-up to $20B in revenue before ever becoming a coach


Within the Business Acceleration System®, Activate Group’s Business Acceleration Tools® are instrumental in providing the platform for you to achieve objectives and facilitate the growth process within your organization.

The Business Acceleration Checklist helps identify foundational habits that may be missing from your organization, which could impact long-term effectiveness in areas such as priorities, meeting habits, core values, accountability, communication, vision clarity, strategy, transparency, and talent management. The Business Acceleration Calculator helps identify 21 different ways to accelerate and grow the amount of cash in your organization.


We have business coaches in Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona and San Diego.

Activate Group serves all cities in Florida, including West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, and further afield, such as Chicago, Tucson and Canada.

Activate Group President Howard M. Shore has been coaching companies in Miami and throughout South Florida for over 25 years. While he has clients all over the country, Howard enjoys serving businesses in his backyard. Howard has previously served on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce and is a former finance chair for the regional chapter of Boy Scouts of America.

Howard has worked as a director, senior advisor, and C-level executive in a variety of industries, including construction and restoration, finance and insurance, automotive sales and leasing services, tourism, and printing.


Leading a multimillion-dollar company and coaching the leadership of a multimillion-dollar company are two vastly different things. Activate Group coaches have spent years leading one or more businesses with millions in annual revenue, and then undergo a rigorous 12-month training program led by company president Howard M. Shore.

Our guaranteed results include:

  • Increased profit margins
  • Reduced stress
  • Harmonious culture
  • Increased productivity
  • Better communication across the organization
  • Fast growth
  • Increased business valuation
  • Improved predictability of results
  • More effective leadership
  • Less time wasted