“Over 90% of CEOs say they enjoy the process of receiving coaching and leadership advice.”

- Stanford Business School

Does my business need a coach?

Where are you struggling? Company growth? Strategic planning? Raising capital? Navigating a challenging economic landscape? Working on your business instead of in your business? Activate Group’s globally-recognized coaches leverage our proprietary systems and tools to deliver proven benefits and results.

You’ve heard the old saying from Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

If you find yourself questioning whether or not coaching is right for you, take a look at the types of benefits our clients have received:

  • Challenge and Support

    Get the extra push your team needs – even if you didn’t realize they needed it.

  • Exit Strategy

    Valuations can double and triple in under 36 months for CEOs preparing for an exit.

  • Improved Performance

    Realize better and more sustainable business models.

  • More Clarity

    Create more alignment, purpose, and results for the entire company that leads to more productivity and profit.

  • Better Ideas and Decisions

    Ideas and decisions begin to have more innovation and a clearer scope.

  • Stronger Leaders

    Management is able to influence others, increase self-confidence and self-awareness.

  • Employee Engagement

    Employees are willing to give their all.

  • Fun

    Leaders relearn how to have fun in their businesses.

Activate Coaches can help you break through the roadblocks that are slowing your business down and uncover the profit that takes you to the next level.

Your Activate Coach becomes a trusted member of your team. You will have an experienced peer to help you architect a scalable action plan to accelerate your success.

What You Can Expect From Us

What You Can Expect From Us


We promise to deliver:

  • Practical, actionable framework
  • Engaging and collaborative process
  • Best in class support, service, and coordination
  • Extreme accountability system
  • Accelerated results

Coaching & Mentorship
That Fit Your Needs

Business coaching

Leading a multimillion-dollar company and coaching the leadership of a multimillion-dollar company are two vastly different things. When you work with an Activate Group coach, you are working with someone who has been put through a rigorous 12-month training program led by president Howard M. Shore. And this is after they have spent years leading one or more businesses ranging from $100 million to over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Discover how an Activate Group Business Coach can transform your employees into an engaged, revenue-producing team.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is all about peeling back the layers of a leader, stretching and challenging their thinking until they can see themselves and their business through a new lens they may not have seen otherwise.

Our proven, evidence-based program uses positive and humanistic psychology, working with clients to determine the everyday life and business changes that are needed to foster a more fulfilling professional and personal life experience.

Our Coaches Have Been There And Done THAT!

The Activate Group team of coaches is comprised of executives who have led one or more businesses ranging from $100 million to over $1 billion in annual revenue. But that alone does not make them extraordinary at what they do.

Each of our Certified Coaches has successfully completed a rigorous, 12-month training program, along with ongoing education to teach the Business Acceleration System™ developed by Howard M. Shore. This ensures that every single one of our coaches is well versed in the Business Acceleration Tools® which are instrumental in providing the platform to achieve accelerated growth in any organization. Guaranteed.



In 2004, speaker, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and certified business coach Howard M. Shore founded Activate Group Inc. After founding, scaling, and exiting several of his own businesses and consulting for Fortune 500 companies seeking to maximize employee impact to the bottom line, he recognized the patterns to make good companies great.

He founded Activate Group Inc. on the belief that leaders have unlimited levels of untapped potential that can bring about greater fulfillment and profitability. The key is in unlocking this potential, not only within themselves but within all of their employees. Howard personally trains all Activate Coaches to help business leaders:

  • Play to “win” rather than merely “not to lose”
  • Build management approaches that lead to active engagement from your workforce
  • Tap into the true potential of your people using a combination of systems, tools, and coaching

Today, Activate Group is a premier business acceleration firm for companies of at least $5 million or higher in annual revenue with CEOs who are ready to scale using proven strategies, systems, tools, and software that create cash flow without draining leadership’s resources and time. With a 30-year track record of success, Howard guarantees Activate Group clients that his methods and systems can help them become more profitable, stable, and scalable.

What Sets Our Coaches Apart?

We believe that to unlock a client’s potential, we must first unlock the potential of our coaches. We work from the inside out. When a coach starts with Activate Group, they go through a twelve-month onboarding process. Our coaches will tell you they go through some of the most in-depth training and learning they have ever experienced in their careers. We expect our coaches to be certified and participate in at least 60 hours of continuing education each year. We not only hire sharp people; we keep them sharp.

The Activate Difference
The weakness of most coaches is they are a one-person band. When you work with Activate Group, you receive a head coach and also have access to the combined knowledge, experience, and viewpoint of all our coaches along with our trademarked systems and tools.

Results Guaranteed
It’s this commitment that allows us to be able to offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our results. Yes, that’s a bold promise. But when you have clients who have tripled the value of their business in fewer than three years, you can make bold promises.

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