Initial Client Status

Owner of a $10MM manufacturer had approximately 100 employees and came to AGI because he sought a greater level of performance from his leadership team and wanted to learn a better way to improve on his business. The company had grown 52% the previous year, and everyone was feeling a bit overwhelmed.


We introduced our Business Acceleration System™ to leadership. Two of our tools that proved critical to this organization was the Business Acceleration Calculator and Cash Flow Story.  Through these tools the leadership team learned that they were only making 2.6% net profit and had negative cash flow in the last twelve months. This was a big surprise to most leaders who thought they had done better. Using the Calculator, we developed a strategy to improve net profit to 20% and increase cash flow by $2 million.


In nine months the company progressed from producing a -$200K cash flow over twelve months to one that now produced $1.5MM in cash in nine months. This was result of making strategic and operational changes that shifted their business model. The end result? Significant growth and a 20% net margin.

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