Initial Client Status

The company was doing well even before they hired us to work with them. They had achieved decent growth in the last three years, and net profit margins were well above their industry’s norms. The CEO realized that the significant benefits they’d gained by working with one external advisor for several years had reached a plateau. He wanted to have a much more substantial impact in his industry and create employment for many more workers, and it had taken him almost 20 years to grow to $7 million in revenue. He knew that he and his team of 32 employees had so much more potential. It was time for a fresh approach.


We introduced our Business Acceleration System™ to the company’s leadership, established their one audacious goal, and developed a strategy to create a profitable position in the market. We developed a three-year plan to grow the company to $14 million in revenue, to increase profit margin, and to strengthen their employer brand in the marketplace.


After three years of working with them, the company grew to almost $22 million in revenue and had nearly doubled its net profit margin to over 25% in an industry where the average is 5%. More importantly, they had built a stronger leadership team, a higher percentage of employees were fully engaged, and competitors wanted to learn how they formed such an influential culture.

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