Initial Client Status

The company was not doing well. Revenue was on the decline for the first time in its 30+ year history and net profit margin had declined to 7%.  The company had been working with a competing organization that used a coaching system similar to the AGI approach, and they were disappointed with the outcomes. The CEO knew that the ideas presented by his current coach were on point, yet something was missing. He came to AGI for answers.


We met one-on-one with the management team and then implemented surveys to understand their current situation. With the information gleaned from the surveys, we developed a custom program for them using our Business Acceleration SystemTM. We recommended executive coaching for the CEO and some key team members and suggested some changes to the executive team. To shift culture, the importance of working directly with and engaging this team was clear from the beginning.


In one year, a significant change occurred in the culture of the organization, evidenced by an increase in employee net promoter score from 18 to 29 (a 61% improvement). We also realized equally remarkable improvement in the survey we used to measure leadership team function. The result reflected a company that was initially declining in revenue to now be growing at a healthy 20% growth rate and on track to increase net profit margin from 7% to 16%.  Measures are now in place to take net profit to 20% within the year.

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