Initial Client Status

A 100% virtual and global company (operating on four continents) was looking for its leadership team to function better together. They were suffering from too many priorities, micromanagement from a young CEO, and ultra-rapid growth. How the organization was being led could not sustain scalability at the next level.


We introduced our Business Acceleration System™ to leadership. Some key issues that needed to be addressed during the process required us to dive deep into Role Accountability. Using Process Accountability tools, we guided everyone to understand authority, accountability, and responsibility across the organization with key performance indicators placed appropriately. We acknowledged the significant need to help employees at all levels learn how to identify and limit the number of priorities to a critical few.


The company more than doubled twice over five years, and the leaders grew to a point where the two founders worked themselves out of jobs in this same time frame. One founder retired, and a second now sits on the board and currently is involved in other ventures. The company has promoted people from within to take on the key top leadership roles, and they were able to promote others beneath them to advance to the open spots. The company is now already positioned for its next doubling.

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