Initial Client Status

The company had grown rapidly over a few short years. The organization’s CEO had no college degree and had no previous leadership experience. He was now running a company with approximately 100 employees. He approached AGI for help because the leadership team was not functioning well and the company was burning cash. With impending crisis in the near future, the CEO wanted to stop the bleeding and save his company.


We introduced our Business Acceleration System™ to the organizational leadership. We identified and addressed critical issues during the process. Role Accountability and Process Accountability tools were utilized to assist everyone in understanding authority, accountability, and responsibility across the organization with key performance indicators placed appropriately. We identified and made significant changes to the leadership team as several crucial unfilled positions. Also, work was needed to help the organization at all levels learn how to identify and limit the number of priorities to the critical few. We also helped them implement a robust recruiting process to ensure selection of the right talent.


Within the first ninety days the company was cash flow positive and in six months this company’s revenue grew 70%, from $10M to over $17M in run rate. With the right team in place, this company progressed from negative cash flow to significant positive cash flow in 6 months. This occurred because every function increased in performance. The service facilities transitioned from a number of open beds to optimization. Within nine months, all beds were full and their greatest problem was they did not have enough beds to fulfill demand.

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