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Activate Group is a premier executive business coaching firm in Phoenix, AZ. We work with both corporations and individuals, providing Phoenix-area Business Owners, Founders, CEOs, Executives Officers and Senior Managers with expert advisement, mentorship and methodologies for success. Headquartered in Miami, with regional offices in Phoenix, Chicago and San Diego, Activate Group assists clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We help businesses in a wide range of areas ranging from start-ups to division launches to corporate turnarounds. We specialize in business acceleration for companies, ideally with at least $5 Million or more in annual revenue who desire to scale using our proven strategies, systems, tools, and software that increase cash flow while also conserving valuable time and resources.

Our Phoenix business coaches include highly accomplished executive mentors – founders, speakers and best-selling authors who provide decades of C-suite experience running companies with revenues of more than $100 Million, annually. Their expertise comes from hands-on executive roles at Fortune 500 companies; academic institutions like Harvard University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University; and decades of coaching executive leaders on how to grow and scale their organizations efficiently.

Business Acceleration

Identify foundational habits that may be missing from your organization and learn 21 different ways to accelerate sales, growth, profit, and cash flow in your organization.
Business Acceleration Checklist: Critical Habits for effectiveness: Establishing vision, clarity, core values, strategy, priorities, accountability, communication, transparency, meeting habits, talent management, and more.
Business Acceleration Calculator: 21 proven growth strategies to scale your business.


Learn how to use KPIs to create momentum and reach your goals. Our accountability tools help you create measurable steps towards desired outcomes, driving your vision forward in a systematic fashion.
Developing measurable steps to reach desired long-term goals
Using KPIs to propel momentum
Tools for developing KPIs
Tools for creating rhythm & follow-through
Making accountability a process essential


Lay your path for growth by simplifying your focus, identifying your organization’s unique contribution to the industry, and individual strengths & weaknesses in light of emerging trends.
Strategy Tools to activate your vision
Identifying your company's distinctive contribution to your industry
Identifying strength & weaknesses
Considering emerging trends
Simplifying your focus
3-year vision plan
Moving towards your goals

Human Capital Management

Human Capital is always your greatest asset. We help you ensure the right people fill the right roles, show you how to measure their effectiveness, identify misalignments and instill accountability.
Aligning core values with personnel & performance
Tools to analyze the effectiveness of each member
Developing role accountability at every level
Ensuring the right people fill the right roles


Use our proprietary planning tools to set goals, prioritize, and align your organization to your audacious 10+ year goal from strategic and financial perspectives.
Strategic planning
Setting goals
Organizational development
10-year vision planning
Prioritizing effectively
Growth, profitability & goal achievement
Process & performance optimization


Quickly and accurately identify the areas where industry opportunities and internal resources are not optimized and are out-of-alignment with your core values.
Organizational development
Enhancing company culture
Aligning purpose, core values & resources
Aligning industry opportunities & resources
Tools for aligning resources strategically & effectively

The Leader Launchpad: The Bestselling Book by Activate Group Founder & Phoenix Business Coach, Howard M. Shore

Learn five steps to fuel your business and lift your profits to new heights. This is essential reading for all executive leaders.

Our Business Coaches

Meet Your Executive Coaches & Consultants

Activate Group’s team of business coaches and executive leadership consultants will help you see your business and the world, differently. They will equip you with the tools and methodologies to discover opportunities you may have never imagined and achieve results that bridge the gap between what is … and what can be.

Howard M. Shore

Howard M. Shore

Activate Group Founder, Master Business Accelerator, Speaker & Best-Selling Author, Business and Executive Coach
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Larry Rutkowski

Larry Rutkowski

Kellogg School of Management, Business and Executive Coach, Speaker, Scaling Up, Management & Leadership
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Mo Rousso

Mo Rousso

Business and Executive Coach, Speaker, Published Author, Business Acceleration, Process Optimization, Tech & Innovation
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Albert Noa

Albert Noa

Leadership and Management Coach, Human Capital Management, Change Management, Operationalizing Strategy, Performance & Process Management
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