AGI’s proprietary Business Acceleration SystemTM is the framework your business needs to strategically fast-track your business, integrating strategic engagement of five critical areas of success: stewardship, human capital management, strategy, planning, and accountability within one system to ensure the right outcomes. We don’t merely focus on strategies or methods; we maintain a crystal-clear focus on sustainable results.

Using business coaching, executive coaching, and leadership education, this approach applies proven strategies to create alignment between your long-term strategy, annual business plan, quarterly plan, and individual priorities. These principles, when implemented in conjunction with an ongoing coaching relationship, foster stronger accountability, and accelerate business performance.

Our approach also encompasses executive coaching, which is about peeling back the layers of a leader. Through the coaching process, leaders’ thinking will be stretched and challenged to engage situations from new paradigms and ensure the best outcomes from your leadership and your organization. Such an approach clears the way to higher levels of success & greatness!

Within the Business Acceleration SystemTM, Activate Group’s Business Acceleration Tools® are instrumental in providing the platform for you to achieve objectives and facilitate the growth process within your organization:

General Business Acceleration Tools

The Business Acceleration Checklist helps identify foundational habits that may be missing from your organization, which could impact long term effectiveness in areas such as priorities, meeting habits, core values, accountability, communication, vision clarity, strategy, transparency, and talent management. The Business Acceleration Calculator helps identify 21 different ways to accelerate and grow the amount of cash in your organization.

Stewardship Tools

Through the application of a culture enhancement worksheet and a purpose worksheet, your team can quickly identify specific areas where resources and industry opportunities are not being stewarded to their full potential in alignment with core values.

Strategy Tools

Strategy tools engage the broader vision of your organization, helping to clearly identify the distinctive contribution of your organization to the industry at-large as well as identify internal strengths and weaknesses in light of emerging external trends. The three-year focus tool helps to simplify your focus, pulling back the curtain on the core elements for elevating your organization over the next few years towards your one audacious goal.

Human Capital Management Tools

Your human capital is your greatest asset as an organization. These tools help provide a visual of the effectiveness of each member, identifying the areas where core values are not in alignment and providing a system for developing role accountability at every level to ensure the right people are filling the right roles.

Planning Tools

Planning tools aid your setting goals, prioritizing and aligning your organization to your audacious (10+ year) goal from both a strategic and financial perspective.

Accountability Tools

Accountability is essential in the strategic planning process. Every worthy goal needs KPI’s to propel forward momentum. The accountability tools help identify measurable steps towards long-term desired outcomes as well as an outline for meeting rhythms and follow through to help propel the vision forward in a systematic manner.

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