Why Your Customer Service Sucks

Customer service is the new luxury. I’m convinced that the company that owns the voice of the customer and uses it to build an organizational culture that focuses on delighting the customer through uncommon service strategy will own the marketplace. Unfortunately far too few businesses think like their customers, which affects their ability to deliver superior customer service and win a major competitive advantage.

What is does enlightened customer service look like? Here are a few examples:

  • The family restaurant that has bathrooms cleaner than yours at home; with fresh flowers, lotion and mints.
  • The lawn-care company that leaves a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers from your yard after they finish.
  • The drycleaner who automatically sews on missing buttons.
  • The downtown business that offers to “feed the meter” while you shop.
  • The bank that hosts a dinner for their top 30 clients to have an open discussion about how they can serve them better.
  • Any store that empowers their frontline people to find a way to say “yes” and solve problems before they escalate.

The list goes on and on with a million different ways to delight, surprise and entertain your customers. Sadly though, I see very few companies that understand how important (and easy) it is to stand out in a crowded world of me-too products and average service.

So how do you find ways to delight your customers with uncommon attention to service? Here are two quick ways:

  1. Ask your customers. They will be your best source of ideas. Never stop asking and listening to what your customers identify as important to them.
  2. Borrow ideas from other industries. Basically steal and use ideas that worked for others. Look at other companies you see doing amazing things to service their customers and ask: What can I do with this? How can I make this work for my business? What can I do right away?

What can you do right away?

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