What will 2012 look like for your business?

by Howard Shore, Date: Dec 29, 2011

What will 2012 look like for your business?

The beginning of the year is always a sort of refreshing time for us business leaders. I always feel very optimistic about what the future will hold and have all kinds of different ideas for my business and my clients. I also reflect on the past year, its successes and failures, challenges and opportunities.

To plan for the next year—at least from a philosophical standpoint—I like to ask myself a few questions.

Based on what is going on the world today, what opportunities may present themselves this coming year?

How am I progressing on my 5-year goals?

What one thing can I do fundamentally better in the coming year? (a.k.a the New Year’s Resolution for your career)

How do you reflect and plan for the next year?

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