What Advice Would You Give to a New Business?

If you were asked to give business advice to a new entrepreneur, what would it be? I’m asked this all the time, and find myself dolling out all sorts of tips and tirades—some quite original and others terribly obvious. But the thing that intrigues me about this question is that it sometimes becomes a very powerful reminder to myself on the lessons I’ve learned over the years; lessons I may have forgotten.

For example, I learned early in my leadership career that there is no substitute to sitting across the table from someone and looking them in face. But just the other day, as I was writing the longest email in the history of CYA emails, that I re-learned that lesson. I had gotten so addicted to the time-saving, butt-saving email that I forgot about my own Business 101 advice to new leaders. I promptly reminded myself, deleted the draft email and picked up the phone. 

It did get me thinking though. What simple pieces of business advice would you give a new business owner? And have you remembered to heed it yourself?

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