The Bigger the Goal, the Sharper the Focus

Have you ever noticed how aiming for something extraordinary crystallizes your focus in ways that more modest ambitions can’t? It’s as though the bigger the goal, the clearer your vision and path to reach it becomes. This concept aligns perfectly with Dan Sullivan’s and Ben Hardy’s insights, “10x is easier than 2x,” and Dan and Ben’s philosophy, “Who Not How.”

The Power of “10x is Easier Than 2x”

“10x is easier than 2x” is a paradigm-shifting concept popularized by Dan Sullivan. The premise is simple but profound: making a 10x improvement requires a complete overhaul in thinking and execution, while a 2x improvement often leads to just tweaking existing strategies.

Why 10x Goals Sharpen Your Focus:

(1) Forces Innovation: When aiming for 10x growth, old solutions and strategies won’t cut it. You must think differently, innovate, and reinvent yourself.

(2) Eliminates Distractions: Big goals make it easier to ignore non-essential tasks and focus on high-impact activities.

(3) Inspires Relentless Execution: With a bold vision in place, you’re compelled to pursue relentless execution, aligning all efforts toward that singular objective.

Applying “10x” Thinking to Your Business:

Set an ambitious revenue target (e.g., $100 million instead of $10 million).

Align your marketing and sales strategies to this goal.

Prioritize key performance metrics that support 10x growth.

The “Who Not How” Mindset

Who Not How” complements the 10x concept by emphasizing the importance of finding the right people to achieve your goals instead of focusing solely on how you’ll accomplish them.

How “Who Not How” Enhances Focus:

Leverages Expertise: By finding the right experts, you eliminate the learning curve, freeing you up to focus on strategic tasks.

Enables Delegation: Identify “Whos” for operational tasks, giving you more time to strategize.

Builds a Team Culture: A clear understanding of roles and responsibilities enhances collaboration and goal alignment, while fostering accountability within the company’s culture.

Integrating “Who Not How” into Your Strategy:

Build a network of “Whos” to handle specialized tasks like marketing, operations, or finance.

Delegate execution to capable team members and trusted external service providers while you focus on strategy.

Invest in building a culture of ownership and accountability within your team.

Execution Tips: Focus and Action Steps

(1) Define Your 10x Goal: Clearly articulate a grand vision that inspires and challenges your team.

(2) Create an Actionable Plan: Break down your 10x goal into smaller milestones. And establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress.

(3) Identify Your “Whos”: Recognize the roles and skills needed to achieve your goal. Delegate or recruit team members who can take on critical tasks or hire third parties outside of the company. Shed everything else.

(4) Prioritize High-Impact Activities: Regularly evaluate tasks to ensure they align with your vision and eliminate or outsource low-value activities.

(5) Cultivate a Relentless Execution Culture: Celebrate wins to build momentum and foster accountability by tracking and reviewing progress regularly.

Final Thoughts on Bigger Goals and Sharper Focus

When the goal is big enough, the focus sharpens naturally. Adopting the “10x is easier than 2x” mindset compels you to think beyond limitations, while “Who Not How” helps you build the right team to bring the vision to life. Commit to the journey and remember execution is everything.


About the Author: Mo Rousso is a Business Coach at Activate Group Inc. With a passion for helping leaders break through barriers and transform their companies, Mo empowers businesses to achieve exponential growth through strategic planning, leadership development, and execution excellence.