Is Your Team Focused, Aligned and Held Accountable?

If you are like most leaders, there always appears to be too many things to be done and not enough people or hours in the day.

Do you ever wish that you could crack the code to achieving the long- and short-term goals? Maybe even achieve those goals while working less time? Have you wondered how to get everyone in the organization singing from the same sheet of music?

Mastering Successful Business Habits

The Rockefeller Habits

Have you heard of the Four Decisions ProgramTM derived from the book “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish? It is an entrepreneurial operating system that can help you and your leadership team agree on three-year goals and what capabilities you need to make those goals happen. It also helps you clarify and communicate to your organization the best strategy for making money and how you will differentiate your business from the rest of the market.

Top Business Priorities

If I asked your leadership team what your top five priorities are for the year and then asked them to rank them for the next 90 days, would I get the same answer from every leader? Could every leader tell me what are the specific goals, the two most important leading critical numbers that will drive your improvements in revenue and profits, and the annual initiatives that are designed to make those critical numbers and annual goals happen? Can they answer the same questions for the quarter?

If I reviewed each department’s current quarterly goals, how well would they align with those quarterly and annual initiatives? How well informed are the people below the leaders in terms of what the company is trying to get done? Can every employee in the organization describe in one sentence how your business makes money? Can they describe how your company differs from the competition? After all of the plans are made, how often do you discuss progress, and how laser-beam focused is everyone on accomplishing what they committed to? What happens when people run off the tracks?

Maximize Business Performance

Interested in maximizing your business performance? If you would like to increase your growth and profits through more focus, alignment and accountability, let’s schedule a time to further discuss your business and how we might work together to increase your results. Call our business coaches us for a FREE consultation at 305.722.7213.