Our Free Business eBooks

by Howard Shore, Date: Feb 08, 2012

Our Free Business eBooks

Did you know that we have several free white papers and a free business ebook that you can download right from our site? It takes just a couple easy steps and you get access to these three powerful and informational writings that could help you transform your business.

The free business eBook we offer is all about what business owners need to know to succeed in setting the right goals, finding the best talent and instilling the right values in their businesses. It even summarizes the takeaways by presenting 12 questions you must ask and answer as a business leader. Download the free business ebook from any page on our site or go to our business white papers archive.

We also offer two free business white papers on the topic of sales. One is about predicting sales turnover in your organization, and the other is about the simple science of hiring the right sales talent. Check out the summaries and download them in our white paper archive

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