Motivating Your People

Knowing the individuals that work for you and knowing their goals will make it easier for you to motivate them. Making sure they are in the right place and involved in the right tasks for them will help project completion and help your business to run smoother overall. Take the time to know and understand their strengths and weaknesses so that their performance reaches top levels. If your people feel that they have reached their own goals and the company’s and are properly recognized for doing so, they will continue with that upward momentum. If you find you have people that are apathetic about reaching not only company goals, but their own, find out why.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to motivating your people:

  • To motivate someone you have to understand what is important to each one of them.
  • Are the intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?
  • Are their goals as high as your goals for them?
  • Do they have an action plan to achieve their goal?
  • Ask them to show or explain it to you.
  • Help them see whether their detailed action plan to achieve their goal makes sense.
  • Has the action plan been working so far? If not, help them see what you see.
  • Once you are both at the same place ask them if they want their goal bad enough that they would be willing to try something new.

Remember, we can only motivate someone when they feel they are achieving their own goals.  They will accept our advice when they see they are off course and believe they need help. You have to help them see and they have to agree they need help. Otherwise everything you say is white noise. As soon as you walk away they go back to what they were doing.

Howard Shore is a business growth expert who works with companies that want to maximize their growth potential by improving strategy, enhancing their knowledge, and improving motivation. To learn more about him or his firm please contact Howard Shore at 305.722.7213 or