Make 2008 Your Best Year Ever

If you listen carefully to the talk of the town, you will notice that recession is in the air. People talk about the stock market, the real estate slowdown, oil prices, the presidential election, etc. And I wonder, is a recession a negative economic growth or is the accrual of people’s negative thoughts? Aren’t we responsible for the outcome of our business and personal activities? Are we talking about possibilities instead of negativities?

Two thousand and eight could be your best year ever, but you need to have the courage to take action  to get there. Be ready to use the resources you already have to do a better job..

In his book “Leadership an Art of Possibilities”, Ben Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic says that the new leader’s job is recognizing the downward spiral and enrolling people in the journey to radiating possibility.

There are 5 ways you can change the outcome of your business and personal life:

  • Never say never again. How many times have you restrained yourself from doing something because you listened to the voice of the little fellow on your shoulder telling you “you will fail again” or “don’t even try it” or “you can’t do it”.  You MUST stop listening to your negative inner voice, substituting it for positive thoughts about success. Remember, “Luck” were opportunity and preparation meet. When you met your spouse or your partner, where you planning meeting her or him that day? Successful people are always open to new opportunities and ready to say yes.
  • Talk about obsession and no recession. Don’t participate in negative conversations about the future. Change the subject and start talking about how well your business is doing and the things you are doing different. Talk about today.
  • Be obsessed with your success making reference to your vision and dreams during your conversations with co-workers, family and friends, allowing them to be aligned with your positive thoughts.
  • Change your perspective. Don’t stare at the picture from the same spot. You have to come out to where you are and watch your life and organization from a different perspective. Stop your day-to-day activities and take some time to look at the obstacles and impediments from a different point of view. Invite your team members to do the same thing. If you change your perspective from time to time, the questions you ask will be different and so will the answers you get.
  • Create power around you. Abraham Lincoln said “You see what power is – holding someone else’s fear in your hand and showing it to them!”  You create power through your actions and your reactions. Every interaction in your life should be a deposit to your power account. Create empathy with your people and put yourself in other person’s shoes, caring about their personal and professional growth.
  • Speak possibilities. Do you have a roadmap to your success? Do you have variable solutions to your obstacles? If not, act now! Explore your possibilities. When you speak possibilities you are sending a positive message to the world around you, asking for success instead of failure. You are creating your own future today by opening your mind to new things.

List your dreams for this year, and draw the roadmap to get there, and you wil  see how many new possibilites appear in front of you.

Make 2008 the best year of your life..until 2009 which will be even better!

As an Executive and Corporate Team Coach, I help people use their resources and skills to do a better job, watching the picture from a different perspective. For more information, please review our website, call Pablo J. Perez at 305.722.7213, or send an e-mail to