Law of Influence

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Part 2 of 21: The Law of Influence

In John Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership he identified “The Law of Influence”, which states that, “The True Measure of Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.”



5 Myths About Leadership

In order to help us understand this Law of Influence, John Maxwell first identifies five myths about leadership:

1. Management Myth

A widespread misunderstanding is that leading and managing are one and the same.

2. Entrepreneurship Myth

People believe that all entrepreneurs are leaders.

3. Knowledge Myth

Those who possess knowledge and intelligence are leaders.

4. Pioneer Myth

Anyone who is out in front of the crowd is a leader.

5. Position Myth

The position can make a leader.


4 Key Factors of Leadership Influence

So why do some people emerge as leaders while others cannot? One of the best leaders I have come to know is a client who works for one of the largest insurance agencies in the world. Let’s call him Jim. You know he is a leader because people follow him. They give him 100% effort every day, and he does not need to ask for it. His team members are proud to say they are on his team. Jim’s influence mainly has to do with 4 key factors:

1. Character

Who he is inside is more important than his title. When I think of Jim, I think of someone who regularly gives 100 percent to his people and community. He cares deeply about the success of his people and does all he can to show it. What I admire most about Jim is how he represents respect and integrity in his daily actions.

2. Relationships

Jim has built his career on developing deep relationships. It is rare to find a prominent local business person that has not interacted with Jim through the years.  More importantly they will all you tell you how significantly the relationship with Jim influenced their success.  As a result, Jim has many human resources from which to draw to get things done.

3. Intuition

I have come to admire his instincts about people and business. He has the ability to deal with the many intangibles such as energy, morale, timing and momentum. While he understands that knowledge and data are critical to decision-making, it is his intuition that sets him apart from the pack and is one talent that cannot be taught.

4. Experience

We are all a collection of our experiences. Leaders that know how to draw upon their experience to make decisions for the future cause others to want to follow.

Are you a leader of influence?


Improve Your Leadership Influence

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