Add Process Excellence to Art of Selling

Standards and processes permeate nearly every functional area in business, from accounting, finance and operations to IT, human resources and now, even marketing, and for good  reason. Processes and standards enable management to control the controllable so they can focus attention and resources on the more difficult issues that can stagnate sales and revenue and disappoint shareholders. Standards and processes drive predictability, consistency and efficiency, and when properly integrated across the organization, radically improve sales performance.

Despite the tremendous benefits that standards and processes can deliver, sales organizations have been much slower than other disciplines to move down this path. Imagine how much better sales managers could manage if they had consistent, objective criteria to evaluate the status of opportunities and accounts in each sales rep’s funnel. Or, imagine how much more efficiently account teams could collaborate on large deals if they used a common language. And how much better a CEO would sleep at night if he knew his sales force had a consistent, professional approach to interacting with customers! An improvement in these factors helps drive revenue predictability, reduces costs associated with obtaining sales and increases sales force productivity—all critical business objectives.

Our research clearly shows that “Winning Sales Organizations” take a much more scientific approach to selling and sales management than others. While there will always be a certain art to selling, it’s an increasingly sophisticated business world. “Winning Sales Organizations” prove that establishing standards and defining processes create a significant competitive advantage. However, the transition from “art” to “science” is not easy. It requires a sound foundation,strong commitment and precise coordination for widespread cultural adoption.

That’s the challenge!!

Louis Partenza is a sales and business consultant and partner of Activate Group Inc, based in Miami, Florida. Activate Group brings science to the art of selling. We help you develop the strategy, implement a practical process and build sales skills to rise to the top of your game, hit your numbers and make quota. We help sales organizations drive revenue, predictability, operational efficiency and superior performance. Learn more about how we can help.