Why Are You Delegating?

The Importance of Delegation in Leadership

Delegation in leadership can be very difficult. What many leaders fail to realize is the purpose and importance of delegating tasks. Delegation can not only benefit business leaders, but their employees as well. There are ultimately three important reasons to delegate work: to better control our use of time, to build our team, and to motivate our people.

Better Control and Use Of Time

You come into work, you begin to check emails, then the phone rings, a coworker then steps into your office, before you know it is lunch time. Sound familiar? You haven’t even begun to start you day and already you are behind. You need to delegate tasks. Delegating frees up your time so you can focus on what you were paid to do… Lead. Many leaders waste time on stuff that they can easier pass along to their people so they can focus on leading.

Build Employees

As a business leader, it is your job to watch your employees grow. Give them challenges, be their “teacher”. When you pass along a new task or job, it gives your employees a chance to grow from the knowledge they are learning while completing that task. There’s no better satisfaction than having an employee advance in an organization due to your help.

Motivate Our People

Positive reinforcement pushes employees to work better. Ever notice that? When you pass along a task, it represents the confidence you have in your employee to complete it – therefore, boosting self esteem.

Delegating Tasks in the Workplace

When looking through these three lenses of delegating tasks in the workplace, we usually find a reason to assign most of the work on our desks to others. The higher you are in the organization, the more your focus should be on growing and developing the organization with less “doing.” Be sure to sit down, create a task list, match them up to the employees who can handle the tasks, and agree on a deadline. Delegation should be a primary tool you use.

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