How Showing Up Early May Help Increase Revenue

Showing Up to Work Early

We all know that missing meetings, showing up late, or canceling at the last minute causes a bad reputation, which leads to lost income. Well, have you ever thought that showing up early to a meeting could actually increase your revenue and business growth?

The Factor of Time

We all have built a lifestyle where we really could use a 36-hour day vs. a 24-hour day. Time management is key to making the best of your days and keeping commitments. Imagine you are heading to a meeting. You have no time to spare. You rush in, imagining the others are already a little annoyed because wasted minutes seem like wasted hours, and you scramble to get everything out to begin your presentation.

Now picture yourself arriving early. You stroll in calm, collected and have a chance to take in your surroundings. The people you are meeting with are feeding off your energy. Your chances of getting the sale increase dramatically because you seem dependable from the beginning. The factor of time just helped your image and pockets.

Errors Take Up Time & Money

When you are rushed, you tend to overlook things. You skip things because you are crunched for time, and you try to stay focused on what the meeting was supposed to cover. There is no time for extra questions or small talk. The clock is ticking, and your peers/clients are rushed with you. When you are rushed, the room for error increases. When there are errors, you waste time fixing them, and that results in losing money.

Business Reputation

If you are prone to being late, you need to find a system that works. The label of always being “late” labels you as not being dependable or respectful towards the people you are meeting. Set your clocks ahead 15 minutes to trick yourself into thinking you do not have enough time. Space out your meetings by another 15-30 minutes so you do not run over and become late for the next one. Give yourself the chance to appear dependable. Do not take on another task or start something you know you cannot finish because you think you have some time to spare. Take that time to walk into your meeting with a clear mind, ready to close the deal.

Increase Revenue & Business Growth

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