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How Business Strategy Impacts the Sales Force

If you are like most successful companies, you have a strategic planning session with your leadership team on a quarterly. However, what most companies fail to connect is how their business strategy impacts the sales force. Very little usually changes in the day to day activities of the sales team after most strategy sessions. What may seem like two completely separate and somewhat disconnected functions are actually highly synergistic. In the most successful companies, they work together, one feeding the other.

Everything grows from strategy—you should know this already. If you don’t, you need to understand this quickly: without an overall strategy for your company that includes defined goals and success metrics, you are only scratching the surface of your potential. And your sales team—your whole team—is operating without a clear vision of where they should be going and how they will know when they get there.

If I asked your sales team what the company brand promises are, or what makes your company different, or how you add value to your customers, would their answers match yours? Would there be consensus across your sales team? If not, why? Most likely your business doesn’t have a clear strategy. If it does have a strategy, you may not have translated this strategy to the sales mindset. And you really, really need to. If your team cannot explain why someone should buy from you over the competition it’s a sign that you lack a good strategy.

The sales function is the lifeblood of your company. If your strategy does not translate to a language that your salespeople can understand and implement, your lifeblood is severely anemic. Every week you should be asking the question, “How should business strategy impact the sales force?”

Here are some example of strategic goals and how those goals could be translated into a sale development plan:

Strategic Goal :

Take 10% market share away from the competitor

Sales Translation:

Develop guerilla sales campaign to  sell away from competitor

Strategic Goal :

Launch new product/service into niche  market

Sales Translation:

Create lead generation plan for niche

Strategic Goal :

Increase revenue by $1M by re-engaging dormant clients

Sales Translation:

Assign dormant clients to sales reps and create a “revive” plan

How have you tied your strategic plan back to your sales force plan? How do you know your salespeople are working towards the same goals?

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