Greed is Still Good

by Howard Shore, Date: Dec 23, 2011

Greed is Still Good

Ever see the movie Wall Street? The most famous line in that movie, which was also the tagline in the movie poster, was “greed is good.” I may be inviting Occupy protestors to install an encampment in my parking lot, but I still think Mr. Gecko is right. Greed is good, and let me tell you why. It creates progress.

Let’s clarify: there’s a big difference in the type of greed that motivates start-up entrepreneurs and the kind of greed that drives the behemoth banks, but no one goes into business to not make money. Greed, defined as “excessive or rapacious desire”, drives companies and leaders to succeed, to produce, to redefine and to compete.

The global business world is more competitive than any time in history. If we want to compete as leaders in this environment we have to get creative and focus on innovation. How do we do things smarter? How do we identify and harness the absolute best talent? How do we outperform our competition, regardless of size, location or economic turmoil?

If rapacious desire isn’t motivating us to adapt and evolve our businesses to compete and perform in this new world, what will?

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