Get ready for the event that will show you how companies are growing and increasing their market share.

If you are a business owner, COO, CEO or any high-level business executive, you should be at this event with speaker Dave Kurlan.

In two short hours you’ll learn:

  • If your pipeline is for real or just a pipedream;
  • If you are using helpful sales tools or useless time wasters;
  • How selling has changed in the last year & whether your salespeople can adapt;
  • Sales management’s role in the recovery;
  • The five most important things you can do right now to boost sales;
  • Why your salespeople are struggling right now; 
  • What to do about delayed closings and lack of new business;
  • Much more…

This top-rated workshop has been taking the nation’s CEO’s and Presidents by storm.  You’ll learn about the effect that hidden strengths and weaknesses have on your sales and profits using what you already know about baseball.  “The basic principle of his approach is to break the sales cycle down into four stages that map to the four bases. Getting to first base (‘suspects’) means getting an appointment. To get to second base (‘prospects’) means that they have an urgent need what you are selling and you have ‘speed on the bases’. By third base (‘qualified opportunities’), both you and they are completely qualified to do business with one another. Getting back to the home base is reaching closure, where you have made the perfect pitch and they have bought a real and valuable solution,” said Dave Kurlan, best-selling author of Baseline Selling.

April 8th is just around the corner. For more information, visit