Fire Ready Aim

Many entrepreneurs have gotten to where they are because of their ability to make quick decisions with little information. Their decision style can almost be described as “fire ready aim.” Their teams struggle to keep up with them. Each day the staff comes to work, and it seems like a new adventure. New day… new decisions… new path.

This works for a while, but eventually the company gets bigger, the decisions get more complex, the stakes get higher, and the results make it obvious that not all decisions can be made using shoot-from-the-hip tactics. Usually the leader makes enough mistakes, burns through enough cash, loses enough people, and finally learns to be a little more cautious as they mature.

However, the problem is that they still are not always aware when they are not gathering enough information or not considering that the stakes are high. If this is your natural style, most decisions seem easy to make, but the details are fuzzy, and the risks usually do not seem too great. This is the rub.

It is important to recognize when you are one of these people and to surround yourself with others that are your opposite. Have your opposites challenge you with the consequences of decisions, the risks, the considerations, and so on. The ensuing dialog and conflict will result in much better decisions and healthier.