Effective Meetings Require a Purpose

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your meetings? Do you ever wonder whether you belong at a particular meeting? Do you ever wonder what the difference between one meeting and another is? Is it possible that you are talking about too many different topics at your meetings and not going deep enough into any one topic?

Did We Achieve Our Purpose?

As a business coach, I find that defining the purpose of a meeting and naming the meeting based on that purpose, it becomes clear who needs to be at the meeting and what the agenda needs to be. At the end of the meeting, everyone can answer the question “Did we achieve our purpose?” For example, let’s say you need to hold a meeting to decide whether or not to acquire a company called Blue Diamond. You could name the meeting “Pros and Cons of Acquiring Blue Diamond”. Everyone invited to the meeting now knows that they will be involved in making a decision on acquiring Blue Diamond. As a result, everyone will be expected to be prepared. Attendees will have to decide what information will need to be prepared prior to the meeting and by whom.

Giving focus to the meeting, declaring its purpose, and making sure that people are prepared for the discussion lead to much better dialog and faster resolution of decision. If at the end of the meeting you are unable to make the decision, a proper outcome would be to determine the specific action steps needed to make that decision, and what alternative decision deadline is acceptable.

How to Determine if Meetings are Effective

Consistently using this approach of naming and setting a purpose for your meetings will allow you to determine if your meetings are effective and how often your meetings fail to achieve their purpose and why. If this is a regular occurrence, you need to challenge your team to identify whether it is a failure in preparation or some other symptom causing the organization to be ineffective. Do not allow yourselves to get off the hook. By the end of the meeting you should answer the question “Did we achieve our purpose?”


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