7 Ways to Serve Your Internal Customer “The Employee” Better

In my previous article, Are You Failing the Most Important Customer: “The Employee?” we addressed the question, “If you considered the people that worked for you as your largest and most important customers, would you behave toward them or see them any differently than you do today?” I addressed two issues I think all organizations face to some degree. In this post I want you to consider 7 ways to serve your internal customer better.

Are You In Denial?

You may be thinking, we treat our employees well. However, according to Gallup, Inc. and their well-known State of the American Workplace Report., essentially 70% of today’s workforce is being paid to be “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.” A staggering 52 percent of employees are “not engaged”, meaning they essentially do just enough so they won’t get fired, but not more. The remaining 18% who are “actively disengaged” employees aren’t just unhappy at work; they’re busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish.

What is clear by findings, leadership is causing the 70% who are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.” The evidence is supported by the fact that the 70% was not spread equally across companies and there also were differences within the companies. The primary difference was to whom those employees reported. This is important because when employees you have invested in are not engaged, you get less return on your investment.

How Can You Improve Internal Customer Service?

Consider your internal organization as your best and most important customer and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my strategy for employee retention?
  2. How well do we communicate “with” employees rather than “at” employees?
  3. What is our interdepartmental strategy?
  4. Does it take an act of Congress to get something done around here or are we fast on our feet?
  5. How are we going to identify and nurture talent?
  6. How do we create career opportunity even though we are a small business?
  7. What types of leadership and management development do you offer your people on an ongoing basis?

The decision is up to you! Find and polish your gems today, or spend lots of your organization’s valuable time and money salvaging and finding new internal and external customers. Review our website to understand how an executive coach or business coach can help you increase the success of your career and business, or contact Howard Shore at (305) 722-7213.

Do You See What Your Customers and Prospects See?

Have you been wondering why your customer retention is not higher? Or is customer retention good but new business generation is below expectations? Are you unable to attract the right employees? These and similar issues may be indications that you’re not be able to see the true you in the mirror! I often listen to CEOs and their leadership teams talk about their companies in ways that defy the facts. It is great to be proud. It’s important to be positive, and having the right attitude is critical. After all, people are not going to want to follow you down the highway to hell. The problem begins when you are not willing to face the brutal facts.

New Customer Acquisition

When new clients are not easy to acquire, it may not be a problem with the industry or the prospects. You have to look in the mirror. The marketplace is telling you that even if you are different from your competitors, the differences in your products and services are not compelling enough to the buyer; your marketing and sales efforts and materials sound like everyone else’s; or there are breaks in your sales and marketing processes that are going unchecked. If you do not address these issues, the prospective buyers will continue to believe you are just like everyone else and will see no compelling reason to use you to solve their needs and problems.

Employee Acquisition

If you cannot fill positions in your company, lack of available talent is not usually the problem. The problem lies with 1) the person you have made accountable for filling the position; 2) the process you are using for filling the position; or 3) how attractive it is to work for your company. You need to address these issues, or you are likely to hire the wrong person or not fill the position.

Customer Retention

If customer retention should be higher, it is not because customers are not loyal and the product or service you’re offering is an inferior commodity. The problem is 1) the person you have made responsible for overseeing the processes for retaining customers is not the right person (or you don’t have one); 2) the unique attributes of your products or services are not compelling enough for them to stay; or 3) you have the wrong team, and the mistakes they are making are causing you to lose clients.

Key Performance Indicators and External Feedback Will Set You Free

So I challenge you! What key performance indicators are you using to effectively look in the mirror and see where your internal problems lie. What external surveys are you using to help you see where you are losing opportunities? How quickly are you addressing these issues and seeing improvement?

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