Are Your Goals Arbitrary?

by Howard Shore, Date: Apr 26, 2016

Are Your Goals Arbitrary?

Have you developed your goals in a sound way? Often I find that goals are arbitrary. The reason you may be missing your goals every year is because there is little basis for how you developed those goals. Are you capturing random numbers in a spreadsheet or coming up with numbers from thin air? Are your goals really mere dreams or wishes? The only difference between real goals and dreams is an action plan! Have you thought through what it would take to achieve your annual revenue goal? Have you answered questions such as:

  • Will pricing need to stay the same, increase, or decrease?
  • Which customers will grow, and which will be lost?
  • Why will certain customers grow? Will the growth be due to price increases, increased volume, or expanded product lines or services?
  • How many sales will come from new customers? How many new customers would be needed? How much on average will each of these customer spend? What will they buy?
  • Will you need to enter new territories?
  • Do you have enough salespeople?
  • Will you need new sales channels?
  • Will you need new product or service lines to offer?

Goals help direct you and your team toward the right priorities. By identifying gaps between current performance and your goals, you’ll be able to focus attention toward those gaps and increase the likelihood of desired outcomes. Goals allow you to consolidate your efforts away from activities that are not going to produce the results you want.

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