Are You Fully Committed and Focused?

by Howard Shore, Date: May 26, 2011

Are You Fully Committed and Focused?

One thing that most everyone would agree with is that when someone is fully committed to a priority and they get focused, they get it done. So when I find that people are not reaching their goals or saying that something is too hard to achieve what they are really saying is they are not fully committed. I recently read two stories that I thought could help people achieve more of their goals.

The first was a YouTube video Saw Stop. In this video a gentlemen is demonstrating a devise he created that stops a table saw that is running at about five thousand rotations per minute. When any part of your body may come within one hundredth of an inch the blade will stop in one thousandths of a second.  The person that created this device is so confident in his product he demonstrates how it works on camera by sticking his finger in the blade while it is running.

The second was a story told by Darren Hardy who is currently the publisher of Success magazine. He was telling a story about  Richard Branson, a Serial Entrepreneur and Billionaire.  Darren was asked by one of his clients to ask Richard Branson to speak to their leadership team.  First they offered $100,000 for Richard Branson to speak for 1 hour and he turned it down. After several iterations the offer increased to $500,000 and the company would fly him in and out on their personal jet so that he would have minimum inconvenience and time lost. He turned their offer down again. When the CEO asked what it would take for him to address their leadership team he said it was simple. There was nothing they could offer him because he had 3 key priorities. This offer would not contribute to any of his priorities.  He therefore could not accept. He needed to stick to his priorities.

The key lessons here are simple. If you were as fully committed to your company’s products and services as in the first story and had no fear, what would you start doing right now? If you were totally focused around your goals like the second story and only worked on things that contributed to your top 3 initiatives what must you stop doing today because it is unrelated to your goals?

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