Are You As Committed As Your Sales Force?

A colleague of mine, Dave Kurlan recently published an important article about understanding the sales force. In his article “What’s the Difference Between Sales Commitment and Motivation?” Dave Kurlan highlights the importance of commitment, desire, and motivation when it comes to succeeding in sales. All three components are necessary to achieve maximum success in the sales force arena. If you find yourself not very concerned with your performance and not disappointed at the end of the day when you haven’t reached your goals, then perhaps you haven’t quite found your niche. Sales require determination and the ability to market not only the product or whatever you are selling, but yourself. Your lack of desire and commitment will translate to your client/customer. If they don’t take you seriously, they certainly will not trust what you are selling. You can’t just keep your goals within reach, you need to grab them!

As the leader of a company, how do you make sure your sales force is top notch? How do you maintain sales longevity? Dave Kurlan’s whitepaper on Sales Longevity answers these questions and more and is an invaluable tool when it comes to understanding the sales force industry. What we find is that there are ingredients needed on both ends; management needs to be held accountable as well as the sales team, to make it work. Having a dedicated salesperson is one thing, but if management is slacking in overseeing their sales team and allowing mediocre results, then goals will not be met.

Are you offering your salespeople the motivation to work towards meeting and exceeding goals? Do you play an active role in managing your sales force? If you want your sales team to be leaders in their field, then you need to be one in yours.

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