Accountability and Championship Teams

The true test of your team’s commitment and buy-in to its goals is accountability. Without accountability teamwork breaks down. Sports teams provide us with a great look at what happens when a team is working right. Have you ever noticed that the players on championship teams hold each other accountable? They will not stand for other members of the team not playing their role to win. Failure of one team member means failure of the team. As a result, they are all watching to make sure each other do their part to win.  The coach does not even need to get involved. Each player knows their job and so do their teammates if someone fail they know it and so does everyone else. It is not unusual for someone to apologize to the other team members when they fail to be in their position or a man gets by them.

Are you creating enough clarity around roles and specific outcomes for each team member so that they can self police? It is essential that everyone knows what is expected of them and that this is public knowledge.  The more clarity and specificity the better! When someone fails to achieve their part of the plan they need to be held accountable and exceptions should be rare. If you create an environment where only some people are held accountable or goals are only sometimes achieved then you will not be able to create a championship team.